Winner of the 2014 Master Books Scholarship Essay Contest!

Master Books® Provides $3000 for One Lucky Student

Master Books®, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group, announces the winner of the 2014 $3000 college scholarship. Junior and senior high school students submitted essays regarding this topic: Evaluate Elijah’s Struggle as it pertains to God’s purpose in his life. Elaborate on the internal conflicts he faced as he made the decision to move from a place of fear into the complete purpose God designed for him.  Are you seeking God’s plan for your life? In what ways are you actively searching out the destiny He has in store for you? Students were supplied with a free chapter of the book, Questions God Asks by Israel Wayne.  Taking on a topic we don’t often stop to consider, “Why would God possibly want to ask us questions?” Israel Wayne helps us to examine fundamental assumptions about God, human nature, relationships, origins, purpose and destiny.

Leigh Anne Cooey, a senior of Apopka, Florida, submitted the winning essay entitled, “What Are You Doing Here?”  In her essay, Cooey draws connections between Elijah’s struggles and his willingness to give in to fear and spiritual fatigue.  Examining God’s grace in granting Elijah an “opportunity to reconnect” with Him, she makes it clear that the decision to follow God’s lead is one we all have to face.  To read the entire essay, visit Creation Conversation’s Free Resources page.

Tim Dudley, the president of New Leaf Publishing Group, initiated the annual Master Books® scholarship program in 2008. This investment is evidence of the company’s focus on teaching and defending the authority of the Bible to this generation so that it lives on in the next. In this time of unprecedented cultural neglect of the Word of God, families all over the world are learning to trust the inerrancy of the Bible as they discover creation science, apologetic, church leadership resources, and Christian education resources available from the New Leaf team.

While the 2014 Master Books scholarship contest has concluded, we will be opening submissions for the 2015 Master Books scholarship in January 2015. Check back here then to find out more details!

Time With The Family: Lessons in Teachability

teachabilityIn a recent post, I talked a little about how I came to be here and why it is so important to me to share the incredible lessons from our devotions time here at New Leaf Publishing Group. This next lesson is dear to me. I hope you enjoy it too.

As we gathered together, Tim opened our lesson with a question: What is the key component to being truly successful?  Of course we thought of many factors and voices piped up around the room but none of us hit the answer he was looking for.  That answer: Teachability.

Even as the word left his mouth, I recognized the truth of it.  Honestly, when you sort through your memories of every successful person you ever knew, you may not pick up on this right away; however, when you start to compare them to those you knew could have been accomplished in one way or another and weren’t, that’s when the picture becomes clear.   Those who choose to remain unteachable, never learn to make use of the gifts God has given them and so they fall short of their dreams and potential.  It’s so simple and yet so eye-opening when you really think about it.  It makes you ask yourself, “How teachable am I?” [Read more...]

A Mere 26 Letters

A_Mere_26_LettersWORDS. In the English language, every thought, emotion, idea, and notion can be described with a combination of a mere 26 letters. These combinations comprise a whopping one million words, including volumes of scientific terms, more words than any other language. Compare that to German with its approximately 185,000 words or French with its fewer than 100,000.

What a wonderful treasure words are for us; expressing our deepest joys to share with friends over the miles, consoling another who is hurting, giving insights into the game of soccer, or where one can find the best deal on books or a fine meal. Most everything we learn is connected to language in some way, for even experiences are translated through the words we use to describe and understand them. [Read more...]

How Do We Know the Bible is True? Vol. 1

9780890516331Today there are untold voices in print, on television, and online calling for our attention, and so many of these mock or belittle our faith. From coworkers and classmates to self-proclaimed Christians, the tone has become one of reproach, disparaging the character of God and undermining the authority of the Bible. For those who have a heart for God, it can be intimidating and discouraging.

How Do We Know the Bible is True? is based on the absolute authority of God’s Word, not man-centered explanations. Clearly presented, it will help bring clarity in a world filled with increasingly vague notions of truth. Over 20 relevant issues are discussed including:

  • Is the Bible totally without error?
  • Did the resurrection really happen?
  • How do we know that the 66 books of the Bible are from God?
  • Does the Bible contradict itself?
  • How were people saved before Jesus came?
  • What is the purpose and meaning of life?
  • Did miracles really happen?
  • Was Genesis derived from ancient myths?
  • How should we interpret the Bible; should Genesis be literal?
  • Do you have to believe in a young earth to be saved?

Within these pages you will find responses to those honest questions of faith, helping to build a confidence in God’s Word and inspiring your daily walk in His grace and peace.

These powerful biblical insights are soundly presented by more than a dozen respected defenders of the faith, including Ken Ham, John MacArthur, Terry Mortenson, Jason Lisle, Brian Edwards, Tommy Mitchell, Jobe Martin, Georgia Purdom, Bodie Hodge, and Roger Patterson.

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World

Raising Godly Children

“As you take God’s Word and apply its eternal principles to the everyday issues you face with your family, you will begin to create a godly heritage – a legacy that will impact that generations to come in ways you never dreamed possible.” -Ken Ham
Christian families are struggling in a culture hostile to Christian values, and increasingly find themselves searching for answers and strategies to be more effective. Parents also face a disturbing trend of young people leaving home and leaving the church – and want to insure their children have a strong foundation of biblical faith and understanding. Discover how to create an incredible faith legacy in your family! [Read more...]