Time with the Family: The Power of Prayer Pt. 1


Loss. Pain. Fear. Uncertainty.

Our world is full to overflowing of inexplicable hurts we seldom want to face. All you have to do is look on the internet or turn on your local news and you’re inundated with images of violence, warfare, riots and civil unrest. Suicide. Depression. Domestic Violence. Bullying. With everything coming at us so fast, this week’s devotional message on the power of prayer couldn’t have come at a more appropriate moment.

In a departure from the usual, our devotion time this week was led by one of our organization’s strongest prayer warriors, Tim’s mother Harriet. Reading to us from an excerpt based on a true story about another praying mother, she shared the following:

There was a woman who prayed for her children three times a day every day until the day she died at the age of 91. At the time of her death, only 6 of her 12 children had come to know the Lord. She died, never knowing if the other six would ever know Him at all. To make a short story shorter, more than 15 years later, the tally had changed: 10 saved and 2 to go. Her oldest son, the 10th to come to Christ, did so after a neighbor felt compelled in a dream to invite him to church. He later said that he could “hear his mother’s voice calling out his name in prayer,” just as he had his entire childhood, and that very day he accept the Lord. He was 92!

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~ Paraphrased from the short story: “Eternal Prayers” in Mark Batterson’s Draw the Circle ~

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