800 Challenging & Convicting Quotes

Are you a quote collector?  Do you feel like you’ve found a treasure when you discover one great quote?  So how would you feel about 800?

Meet:  Some Fruits of Solitude: Proverbs, Wisdom & Principles for Better Living by William Penn.

As the subtitle indicates, this book is essentially many short “Proverbs, Wisdom, & Principles for better Living.”  Amy Maze says “each morsel (there are over 800!) is thought provoking and challenging, often even convicting!  I love to see the superior moral standard that was striven for in that time.”

The original writing style has been preserved, oddly spelled words and all, which ads to the book’s charm. I am always fascinated by books that were written many years ago, and the content of this book was originally written somewhere between 1665 and 1693.  The book even has a fantastic roughed-up feel with uneven page edges and a distressed looking cover.

It is to be read slowly and savored.

Almost every principle in this book can make you stop and think.  Here are two to give you a taste (I would like to share a hundred, but you have to get it yourself if you want read that many =)

18. And yet we are very apt to be full of our selves, instead of Him that made what we so much value; and but for whom we can have no Reason to value our selves.  For we have nothing that we can call our own; no, not our selves: For we are all but Tenants, and at Will too, of the great Lord of our selves, and the rest of this great Farm, the World that we live upon.

52. It is a Reproach to Religion and Government to suffer so much Poverty and Excess.

In her review, Carol noted:  This book is a challenging read, not so much for what Penn wrote, but from the conviction that comes from reading it and wanting to improve one’s own life, by following God more closely in each daily step. Number 511 from the section titled “Religion” addresses this inner conviction.

“Men may Tire themselves in a Labyrinth of Search, and talk of God: But if we would know him indeed, it must be from the Impressions we receive of him; and the softer out Hearts are, the deeper and livelier those will be upon us.”

Or perhaps we are reminded of our needs when reading number 27 from the section “Pride”:

“It is too frequent to begin with God and end with the World. But He is the good man’s Beginning and End; his Alpha and Omega.”

Whet your appetite for the wisdom and serenity of a much less chaotic time. Preview the first 46 pages of Some Fruits of Solitude here.

Copies are available for purchase at Amazon.com, Christianbook.comBarnes & Noble and where great Christian books are sold.


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