A Mere 26 Letters

A_Mere_26_LettersWORDS. In the English language, every thought, emotion, idea, and notion can be described with a combination of a mere 26 letters. These combinations comprise a whopping one million words, including volumes of scientific terms, more words than any other language. Compare that to German with its approximately 185,000 words or French with its fewer than 100,000.

What a wonderful treasure words are for us; expressing our deepest joys to share with friends over the miles, consoling another who is hurting, giving insights into the game of soccer, or where one can find the best deal on books or a fine meal. Most everything we learn is connected to language in some way, for even experiences are translated through the words we use to describe and understand them.

Words can build or words can destroy, and they are water to douse a fire or fuel to make it burn. So choose your words wisely like carefully planted seeds. Remember, they have a tendency to grow.

What amazes you most about words?

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Written by Craig Froman

Craig Froman

Craig Froman is the author of Passport to the World, a children’s guided tour of 26 cultures, A to Z. He loves connecting with people and learning about our differences and those things that connect us all.