Adam & Eve: Story or True Account?

Ken Ham & Bill Looney recently released The True Account of Adam & Eve. Why? Why not call it a story? Why does the world need another book about Adam & Eve?

The answers is found on Page 5

This book has been written to instruct readers about the historical account of the first two people, Adam and Eve, and to teach them to think with a Christian worldview that is rooted in the Bible. Adam shows up numerous times in both in the Old and New Testaments. Yet some today try to tell us that Adam was not a real person and despite even Jesus and Paul referring to him, that Adam could not have been real, created by God, and lived in the Garden of Eden as the Bible tells us he did.

Some people also say that the six days of Creation were not ordinary days as we know them, but were long periods of time. When you read Genesis chapter 1, you will see that the word “day” is used with “evening,” “morning,” and a number for each of the six days. This means they must have been ordinary days as we know them. They were not long periods or millions of years. The seven-day week that people accept is based upon the days of God’s creation!

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You will learn that Christianity is based in real history, and that the Bible is not only a book about salvation, but is the history book of  the universe. It is the only 100 percent accurate history book in the world! Using the Bible, we can learn about the past and also the future. The more you understand about the Bible, the more you will be able to understand and defend the God’s truth.

true account of adam & eve history is not up for debate

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22 thoughts on “Adam & Eve: Story or True Account?

  1. Jefferson Sweet

    I always defend the accounts of the Bible as GOD’s Holy Word. Written by different men in their own style over several centuries, they all have one thing in common. They were eyewitness to the Living GOD and wrote about what they had seen and heard. It is a Living book, and it is the very words of GOD, written to us, and for us that we might believe what GOD said.

  2. Rebecca K

    well, a “story” doesn’t mean it isn’t true. i can tell “my story” and that’s nonfictional, but yeah, our favorite Bible “storybook” has “storybook” in the title and the kids and i frequently talk about how that is a misnomer. we just use a lot of discussion in our home and present the truth AS the truth.

  3. Jennifer Kalyn

    I go out of my way to not say “Bible story.”. I do think using that term lowers God’s word to the same level of any fable or story out there. I teach my children that this is God’s word, and since it is against God’s nature to lie, every word is true, and therefore historical. When man’s “history” doesn’t agree with the Bible, somewhere man has made a wrong conclusion or statement. The Bible is true history.

  4. Jalynn Patterson

    I have never had to defend it. I just tell my children that it is a book full of true accounts of people long ago. Some believed in God some didn’t but all stories are true.

  5. Vera Godley

    I don’t call any events in the Bible a “story” unless I am with very young children and recounting an event for them. Stories most often are “tales” with bits of extra thrown in. I prefer to stick with facts.

  6. Rebecca Ray

    I don’t feel the need to defend it. When I’ve been questioned on it, I have simply told people that the Bible is the lens through which I view the whole world and that I believe every word is true. I don’t argue with people about it because I often feel that to do so, unless they’re genuinely interested, is ineffective. I just pray for God to open others’ hearts so that they will ask genuine questions.

  7. Christi Thames

    If you don’t believe Genesis, you don’t believe the Bible. If you don’t understand what you believe, you can’t defend your faith. How can you contend if you don’t understand?

  8. Miranda Hupp

    This book looks really interesting! Sometimes I do not know all the answers to tell my kids. I love having resources that help me where I fall short.

  9. kewkew

    So far, we are teaching the children that the Bible is true from the very beginning. We have learned about the Genesis account of creation in the beginning of the last couple of years of school (they are only 5, 4, 2 and 7 months). We make sure when we read a book with a Bible story they know it comes from the Bible and the Bible is God’s word.

  10. Kevin Jackson

    The fact that it was written by many different authors, all from different places, over a long period of time and yet everything is in harmony is one place that I start. Also, the fact that it is written so honestly; the blemishes of the “heroes” of the Bible are not covered up at all. These are just a couple of points that I use to defend the truth of God’s Word.

  11. Lydia H

    we believe it and teach it to our children as the TRUTH and we pray that the Lord would help us to impress it in upon their young lives.

  12. Sarah Crow

    The Bible is true because it is God’s own living Word. Jesus himself said “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through me.”

  13. heather delvecchio

    The created universe screams of the Bibles truth if God gives you the eyes in which to see them. The introdependancy of the world, the laws of science, dna, a cell shows proof that there has to be something greater than its cause (which would be us). I think God reveals the truth of His word to people in may differant ways though because some just know that the word is true while others like me needed to proof of science. But Jesus lived and either was who he said he was or he was crazy, or something worse. Cs lewis has an excellent quote conserning this and when you realize Jesus is who he says he is, he referances the all parts of the word to prove that the Bible is valid, completely and totally. Al I know is that when you realize that this is Gods holy, true word, it changes your life!

  14. Gloria Wilson

    It all depends on who you are “defending” it too. Young children need to be taught that the Bible is the “absolute truth” and needs no defense, but in the real world, we know that they will need something to back that up. Knowing the timeline of the Bible and also showing people other documents in history that back up what actually happened may help. It all comes down to faith.

  15. Susan P

    I believe and tell people God wrote the Bible and it’s not a story. It’s fact. It does matter who you defend it too.

  16. Carrie

    In our home, it is just taken for granted that the Bible is true. We love reading the stories (history) with our boys.

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