Are the Youth in Your Church Already Gone?

Already Gone: the book

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If you look around in your church today, two-thirds of the young people who are sitting among us have already left in their hearts; soon they will be gone for good. This statistic comes from a study Answers in Genesis commissioned from America’s Research Group, led by respected researcher Britt Beemer. The results may unnerve you – they may shake long-held assumptions to the core – but these results need to be taken seriously by the church.

This book by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer is perfect for parents, Christian educators, youth pastors, and pastors. It lays out what we’re doing wrong and how to fix it. Click here to start review the table of contents and start reading the first chapter.

“Central to this study was the issue of belief. You simply can’t explain the behavior without understanding the beliefs behind the behaviors. ‘Belief’ is invisible.”

Rebecca, a Mom of Master Books reports, “I left the church. …. my heart was not truly discipled or told the truth about the Bible and what I was learning in my home.” Read the rest of her review here.

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31 thoughts on “Are the Youth in Your Church Already Gone?

  1. Pamela Halligan

    I do believe it’s an important issue in my community. I’ve seen it in my church and my own family.

  2. Michael B.

    No, it’s not a problem in my community specifically. Mostly because the people that go to church here stay and the people that would be the ones to leave don’t even go in the first place. But, then again, that is a problem in itself.

  3. Sheri

    It seems to be a problem everywhere. I even did it myself. This is the first time I’ve heard of this book so am interested in learning more.

  4. Esther

    I’m sure it is an issue. Young people are bombarded on every side with pressures, more than any other time. What is there at most churches to keep them? The church cannot compete on an entertainment level. People are hungry for an encounter with the living God and unfortunately that is often missing.

  5. Carrie

    Yes, it is. :( There are so many young people that have left the church and are doing their own thing. I would love to win this book and then share it with my friends.

  6. Marci

    This is a huge problem in our community. Our church is taking a hard look at itself right now to try and stop this disturbing trend.

  7. jeanine

    YES! we just switched churches because all of the teens were falling away at our old church. we feel like there wasn’t any depth in the teaching and the kids see that. if they aren’t getting anything different at church than they are in the world, why stick around?

  8. Nancy Silvers

    I think there are so many lost youth in our community. We have a new Youth leader and I think he will be partnering with our church family to attract more youth and properly diciple them. I certainly want to be a part of ministering to youth/

  9. Cindy

    Oh, definitely. We live in a pretty church-going area, but even here, there is a huge drop-off in attendance as kids reach the late teenage years.

  10. Michelle C

    Yes unfortunately it is a struggle in our church as well … many of my son’s friends are leaving so makes it harder on him to stay interested.

  11. Mozi Esmes Mom

    Very much an issue. I come from a very conservative background, and unfortunately, not being encouraged to question our faith (and own the answers) while still in the nest leads to no safety net when the questioning happens outside the nest.

  12. Shaun Tabatt

    Most certainly. Children leaving the church and their faith is a very real problem that will affect nearly every family and every church body in some way. Who’s to blame? Is it failed Sunday school and youth ministry programs? Is it a failure of parents to properly disciple their children? Both? I know I will get very different answers to these questions depending on whether or not you’re a part of the family integrated church movement.

    My personal conviction is that the solution needs to begin at home. I can’t help but think of Malachi 4:6 describing the hearts of the fathers turning to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. Fathers, if you haven’t excelled at leading in the home spiritually, repent. Get on your knees before God and pray that He would give you a vision and a passion for leading and discipling your family. Get alone, get into God’s word and pray. Get alone with your wife, get in to God’s word together and pray. Come together as a family, get in to God’s word and pray.

    I know some might say that the above is a bit over-simplified and while in some ways it is, it’s still the core of some of the things that should be happening in the home when men are leading and discipling their families.

  13. Lydia H

    It is to the families of some of these youth, but the ones who come to our church, so they can live a Christian life. We have a lot of Amish and Horse & Buggy Mennonites in our area and they are a lost people. Our church is mostly ex-Amish or ex-Mennonite people. They become born-again and realize they cannot live in a religious setting and be Christians.
    On other notes, yes, youth who leave the church because they grow cold or lukewarm is a growing concern.

  14. Becky M

    It was a problem when I was a teenager & I think it is an even bigger problem 15 years later. We’ve had to deal with this issue in our church, our community, & even our own family.

  15. Julia Schlenker

    It is a problem. I believe we need to start teaching children about having a relationship with God earlier and leave off only repeating Bible stories ad nauseum. The children think they know everything there is to know about Christianity because they are not experiencing the living God.

  16. Brian Sayles

    I am in my church’s college ministry, and it is probably my church’s smallest group. Not many students from the youth group continue with church once they graduate high school.

  17. Jalynn Patterson

    I do believe it is an issue and it needs to be addressed before we lose anymore to this world.

  18. Clifford

    The problem is casual Christian parents who live a hypocritical life. Children are not rebelling against their parents and their parents religion, they are rebelling against hypocrisy!

    It’s easy to walk way from something that is superficial, something that parents take off when they get home from church. An then we ask what happened! Parents need to be committed Christians and we will see our children live true Christian lives as well.

  19. Rebecca K

    ABSOLUTELY its an issue! i think we run into the trap of either moralizing, where unregenerate children are judged to be “good kids” or get into the grace trap which says we shouldn’t judge based on appearance, behavior, etc. Its a delicate balance, and until parents take responsibilty , it will never get better.

  20. admin Post author

    thank you all so much for this great discussion. Rafflecopter chose Hope & Rebecca as winners of this particular give away.
    Stay tuned for details on the next party.

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