Tonight’s GRAND PRIZE!

Thank you so much for partying with the Masterbooks Moms! We hope you had a fantastic time and learned some fascinating facts about weather.

We have an awesome GRAND PRIZE for you…….


One winner will win ALL the Investigate the Possibilities Books, Student and Teacher Guides!!  You can enter to win here:
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Stay tuned for our party next month!!  The Masterbook Moms will be reviewing the new Awesome Science DVDs – mark your calendars for March 25th. You won’t want to miss it!

Discover How Water and Weather Shaped the Earth

This book will help introduce you to how weather and water have shaped the earth, in big and small ways, since the time of God’s wonderful creation, as well as how the Biblical Flood helped form the world we know today. Billions and billions of remains of once-living plants and animals are found as fossils in rocks and layers of rocks all over the world. Where did all of these fossils come from and how is it that they’re spread all over the earth?
Starting with the Flood, we will look at how this massive amount of water that covered even the highest mountains stirred up soil and other debris, creating the perfect environment for fossils to form. This is one of the most dramatic physical evidences for a global deluge.
After the Flood, we’ll examine how this catastrophe would create a climate change, bringing forth the Ice Age.  You’ll read explanations for how Ice Age animals wound up in now warm places like Florida.  You’ll discover more insights throughout this book that will help explain other things too. How does weather still impact and shape our world? Can one predict weather patterns?  What does the study of weather do to help us save lives when storms approach?
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More Water & Weather Fun!!

Want to learn a little more about Water & Weather?


Inside this book you’ll learn:

  • Learn about zones in the ocean, from warm, clear water to the deepest, coldest places
  • Find out the facts about the weather cycle, earth’s purification system, weather instruments, and more!
  • Discover the important connection between water and fossils—how this helped to form, alter, and reveal them

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Welcome to the Moms of Masterbooks Party!!

Welcome to the Moms of Masterbooks Party!! This month the Moms reviewed Water & Weather – and they LOVED it!

From the flood to forecasts, science unfolds as activities bring alive the natural curiosity of children.We’re SO excited to be kicking off the Facebook Party and telling you a little about this fun book!

Science unfolds as activities bring alive the natural curiosity of children. This new title covers not only the weather and varying climates around the world, but explores the results of weather events in the past. The great Flood was a cataclysmic event that left behind fossils, and these impressions reveal much about what happened during and after this historical event. Form a connection between this biblical history and the world experienced outside your door as natural processes like rain and wind are shown to be forces at work in the environment!

Our first prize this evening is so fun! The winner gets to pick one of the Investigate the Possibilities Books, which will include the Student and Teacher Guide!  You can enter here:
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