Ebola and the Genesis of Germs

ebola strainThe latest epidemic of hemorrhagic fever caused by the Ebola virus has captured the international news headlines. The Ebola outbreak is currently wreaking havoc in Africa and scares many in this country as two missionaries return back to the United States for treatment. The suspected cases approach 2000 and the confirmed deaths by August 8 have reached 921. The numbers of cases reported in West Africa this year are more than triple of any epidemic since the disease was first described in 1976. Ebola infection starts like many other tropical diseases like malaria, with fever, fatigue, muscle aches, and weakness; but then in about 10 days massive bleeding, hemorrhaging and destruction occur.

The spread of scary diseases like Ebola is a cause for concern and leads to questions such as:

  1. Where did all these germs come from, and how do they fit into a biblical worldview?
  2. How can something so small have such a huge deadly impart on the world around us?

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