Christmas Traditions Around the World!

I’ve always been fascinated by Christmas… the sense of wonder the season creates and God’s precious gift… I’ve also come to love learning about the different customs celebrated around the world. I searched out just a few to share with you here. ENJOY!

BangladeshBangladesh: Bengali Christians celebrate Christmas day as Boro Din, or Great Day. Family and friends are greeted by saying Shubho Boro Din, or Greetings of the Great Day, and offer traditional sweets and pithas (traditional Bengali cakes).

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Giving Thanks…

“We do not care of what we have, but we cry when it is lost.” – Russian proverb

thanks_CraigWell, it’s the month of Thanksgiving here in America… a time to reflect on the gifts God has given to us this year. There is a new trend on social media where people post something they are grateful for each day and it’s awesome. But it’s had me thinking lately about some of those things I never give thanks for…
Things I just take for granted.

That list includes things like air or waterthough they’re never on my wish list, they are great to have each day! Oh and what about a bed to sleep on? A car to get to work in? And a job… yes… a job I actually like! My “unthank” list could go on and on and on… Continue Reading →

Building the Masterpiece – Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths


Do you ever wonder just what happens during the creation of some of your favorite books?  It recently occurred to us at Master Books that you might like to know what we’re doing along the way as we design engaging new books so I thought I’d share a little sneak peek into the process with the latest in the Legends and Lore series, Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths.  We started with an incredible idea which author Charles Martin brought to life in writing.  Then the illustrating begins!  Bill Looney stepped up for us yet again and, as illustrator of the first two books in this Series, Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaursand The Flood of Noah, Legends & Lore of Survival, we could be confident in quality that will entertain kids and parents alike. Once these pieces are in place our talented design team puts all of the pieces together designing a cool cover, and in this case, interactive elements that will make this yet another kids’ favorite.  Let me introduce you to this fun new project:

All around the world there are ancient stories of giants. Most people would look at these stories and think, “Wow, what imaginations these people had!” But that doesn’t explain why the stories are so alike, or why the same ideas keep coming up over and over again. But the Bible tells us in Genesis 11 that at one time everyone spoke one language and had one culture. Then, shortly after the Flood, mankind grew prideful and self-worshiping, and God sent them away from each other. He changed their languages, and sent them in different directions (Genesis 10 gives us an idea of which people went where). Continue Reading →

A Mere 26 Letters

A_Mere_26_LettersWORDS. In the English language, every thought, emotion, idea, and notion can be described with a combination of a mere 26 letters. These combinations comprise a whopping one million words, including volumes of scientific terms, more words than any other language. Compare that to German with its approximately 185,000 words or French with its fewer than 100,000.

What a wonderful treasure words are for us; expressing our deepest joys to share with friends over the miles, consoling another who is hurting, giving insights into the game of soccer, or where one can find the best deal on books or a fine meal. Most everything we learn is connected to language in some way, for even experiences are translated through the words we use to describe and understand them. Continue Reading →

The Book is Far From Dead: Reflections on the Future of Libraries… few years ago, I attended the 129th annual American Library Association conference in Washington DC. It was something that nearly overwhelmed me. I love words… books… libraries, so being surrounded by some 10,000 or so librarians from all over the world was exhilarating. Salman Rushdie, John Grisham, Sue Monk Kidd, and other authors were there as well, speaking and signing autographs, though I don’t think they saw me. (And there I was waving like mad.) The American library is definitely going through growing pains. It seems to be trying to redefine itself for a culture that is losing touch with the printed page. Continue Reading →