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Answers Book for Kids Vol. 1-6

Over 120 questions from kids are addressed in the ENTIRE Answers Book for Kids set, Vol. 1-6, click here to preview.

answers-book-for-kids-1Comment below about ways you would use this entire set with your kids! Do you have any special fun ways to use these titles as possible devotional items?

By commenting below you’re automatically entered to win the ENTIRE Answers for Kids Series (Vol. 1-6). Winner will be announced at 8:50pm CT tonight on Master Books Facebook page.

Answers Book for Kids Vol. 6- 22 Questions from Kids on Babel & the Ice Age

Kids may know the biblical account of the Tower of Babel, but there is more to this important event than just the confusion of languages. And they may have heard of the Ice Age, but it seemed confusing.

answers-book-for-kids-6In the comments section, tell us about questions your kids have asked about the Tower of Babel and the Ice Age. By commenting, you’re automatically entered to win a FREE copy of this book! Winner will be selected at random tonight at 8:50pm CT!