Powerful New Book Available for Pre-Order!

Powerful New Book Available for Preorder: Inside the Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge

Bill Nye and Ken Ham during the debateWell, it’s been over seven months since my historic debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy.,” Our conservative estimate is that upwards of 15 million people have now seen this very popular debate.  And now we have an exciting announcement to make: Popular AiG speaker and author Bodie Hodge (my son-in-law) and I have written what we believe is a really unique and powerful book about the debate—not just dealing with the content of the debate, but detailing behind the scenes and personal information of the debaters. We believe this publication (estimated to be well over 300 pages), will be a phenomenal teaching tool, and will be a fascinating read for what has been called by some as ‘the debate of the century.’ Continue Reading →