Finishing Strong… A Few Weeks Late

finish.strongWhen August rolls around I get excited.  I have all of these wonderful shiny new homeschool books on my shelves!  I’ve spent hours praying over what to pick and trying to get the best prices.  I’ve planned and agonized over my kid’s reactions to their new course work.   It is an emotionally charged time!  Then the official first day rolls around and we get busy with life and school. As we progress through those fall months something happens.  We itch for those summer days of leisure.  The kid’s start working at a snail’s pace but no worries it is only November we have all year to make up those few math lessons.  Then December comes around.  I personally plan for most of the month off from book studies because we get busy with holidays and family fun! Poof! It is the New Year and we only have to make up 11 history lessons, 1 week of science and about 7 math lessons!  No problem we will double up! Do you see a trend here?  All of a sudden it is May 15th and you are 4 modules in science from completion, 30 math lessons left and your 6th grader tells you he was stuck on grammar so hasn’t done it in a month.  (Maybe I need to get on grading that book?)  All of a sudden that May finish date is around the corner and we are not ready! So what do we do?  Well, we get a schedule and work hard.  Science can be tripled up!  What we don’t do is get discouraged! We have time…   Continue Reading →