What Josiah Would Tell Us

What Josiah Would Tell Us

Josiah is Made King II KIngs 22:1He was the leader of a nation at eight years old. His administration was characterized by a fear of God that not only drove his personal life, but also transformed the nation under his rule. The lessons to be learned from his life are so important that God chose to record them twice in Scripture.

His name was Josiah, and you can read about him in II Kings 22 and II Chronicles 34. Josiah was one of the most godly kings Israel ever had the blessing of knowing. His story has some lessons that would serve us well today.

What Would He Say?

If godly Josiah could come back from the grave and speak to us today, what would he have to say to us? Of course we can only speculate, but some things about his example are so clear that I’ll risk drawing some conclusions.

First, I think Josiah would tell us that we can rise above the failures of previous generations. Josiah was the son of Amon and the grandson of Manasseh, two of the most rotten eggs ever to disgrace a throne. Manasseh repented of his abominations late in life, but Amon did not. He was so vile that God tolerated him as king of Israel for only two years before Amon’s own servants assassinated him. Yet Josiah turned to God with his whole heart at age 16 and never turned away.

That’s good news for the young people in our homes today. For a couple of generations, the love of the American church has waxed cold and we have become very much like the pagan society around us. Our cultural institutions have become contaminated with godless philosophies and the church has largely been silent. Continue Reading →

Happy Independence Day


When I was a kid, the 4th of July was about fireworks. The really great stuff such as cherry bombs and M-80’s were already illegal where I lived but you could still easily and legally acquire Roman candles, bottle rockets and my wonderful old standby, Black Cat firecrackers. Black Cats could sting fingers for a slow thrower, but oh, the joys of expressing one’s creativity with these lovely little explosives.

The crowning glory of my childhood demolitions career was the time we blew up a cow patty in Billy Hancock’s face. Continue Reading →