Darwin’s Contradictions Part Two

charles_darwinThis post is continued from the recent post, “Darwin’s Contradictions.”

Are Darwin’s evolutionary ideas his real legacy?

Sadly, no.

Darwin’s evolutionary ideas eliminated the need for a God who is intimately involved with His creation because he proposed that all living things came to exist in their present form by natural processes. If humans are nothing more than animals, then morality is irrelevant. Just as we don’t charge a cat with first-degree murder for killing a mouse, why should we say killing human babies in the womb is wrong?

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Making the Christmas Sermon Relevant Part Two

pulpitThis is a continuance from the recent post, “Making the Christmas Sermon Relevant.” 

I’m sure my friend wasn’t expecting an answer. After all, such questions as the ones he asked have been leveled at Christians for years. (Sadly, many Christians don’t know how to answer such questions, because they, like him, don’t believe the true history of the world from Genesis — which explains the origin and meaning of death.)

Now, I was sure the sermon we were about to hear would be from a pastor who assumed people believed the Bible. I thought he would remind them of the babe in a manger and why He came to earth. I realized that my friend needed answers, so he would know that he could trust the Bible before he even heard the sermon.

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Darwin’s Contradictions

This excerpt is taken from The Galapagos Islands

Photo Credit: Smithsonian Mag

Photo Credit: Smithsonian Mag

Many people think Darwin developed the idea of moleculesto- man evolution as a direct result of visiting the Galápagos Islands and studying the finches that later bore his name. Although this is incorrect, his trip to the islands and study of the animals there were very influential to his thinking about evolution.

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Making the Christmas Sermon Relevant for Today’s Culture

This excerpt is taken from Bodie Hodge in The War on Christmas


If you think that the average “Christmas message” doesn’t move non-believers, you’re not alone. This might help some pastors reach more. I heard several sermons on the birth of Jesus. Now, in our Western culture that is rapidly losing its once-Christian worldview, Christians and Christian leaders need to use this time more than ever to challenge non-Christians. But will they give the vital message people need to hear at this time of history?

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The Beauty of Animals



John C. Whitcomb graciously contributed to this section of the new book, Galapagos Islands

Page 39 bottom right

The amazing group of animals in the Galápagos Islands share these miraculous experiences with all air-breathing, land-dwelling animals in the world:

  • They were created by the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of creation week
  • They were “subjected to futility” (Romans 8:20) when Adam and Eve sinned
  • They were preserved in the ark for over a year during the global Flood

These animals entered the ark, and 371 days later came out of the ark. Then began God’s providential work of animal migration around this entire planet! All the animals fulfilled God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply on the earth” (Genesis 8:17). Some of the animals eventually went as far as the newly formed Galápagos Islands off the coast of South America.

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