Building the Masterpiece – Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths


Do you ever wonder just what happens during the creation of some of your favorite books?  It recently occurred to us at Master Books that you might like to know what we’re doing along the way as we design engaging new books so I thought I’d share a little sneak peek into the process with the latest in the Legends and Lore series, Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths.  We started with an incredible idea which author Charles Martin brought to life in writing.  Then the illustrating begins!  Bill Looney stepped up for us yet again and, as illustrator of the first two books in this Series, Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaursand The Flood of Noah, Legends & Lore of Survival, we could be confident in quality that will entertain kids and parents alike. Once these pieces are in place our talented design team puts all of the pieces together designing a cool cover, and in this case, interactive elements that will make this yet another kids’ favorite.  Let me introduce you to this fun new project:

All around the world there are ancient stories of giants. Most people would look at these stories and think, “Wow, what imaginations these people had!” But that doesn’t explain why the stories are so alike, or why the same ideas keep coming up over and over again. But the Bible tells us in Genesis 11 that at one time everyone spoke one language and had one culture. Then, shortly after the Flood, mankind grew prideful and self-worshiping, and God sent them away from each other. He changed their languages, and sent them in different directions (Genesis 10 gives us an idea of which people went where).


It all has to start somewhere and this is the image that got the wheels turning during the cover design process.

What happens to a story as it gets told and retold, over and over? It changes, of course, but only in certain ways. In some ways, it stays the same or, at the very least, similar. If the early world really did have giants, and if there was a Flood brought on by the violence and evil between humans and giants, and if the Tower of Babel really happened, then we would expect to see versions of those stories being told all over the globe. We would expect them to be similar, but not identical to each other.


As you can see from this image, titles and covers can certainly change during the creation process. In this particular stage, we were debating the idea of an average-sized man for comparison but ultimately decided our giant was imposing enough all on his own!

And that is exactly what we see! World mythology reflects the very truths of the Bible. World mythology tells us that there were giants, just like the Nephilim. It tells us that there was an early world full of violence and evil, just like the world in which Noah lived. It tells us that giants (just like people) could also be good, kind and heroic, just like the “men of renown.” But each culture tells the stories just a little differently, also reflecting the change that took place at the Tower of Babel. These myths don’t prove the Bible is wrong; they do the opposite. They point us back to the Bible, back to our history, and back to an age when a race of giants once walked the earth.

Like it’s predecessors in the Legends & Lore series, Giants pulls many of these legends together for easy-side-by-side examination. Complete with interactive pull outs, pop ups and other fun ways to learn, this is going to be yet another must-have and I’m so excited to be working together with Charles Martin, Bill Looney and the rest of the New Leaf Publishing Group staff to bring it to you all.  Keep checking back at to learn more about this and other ongoing projects and don’t forget to sign up for New Leaf News to keep up on the latest in new products, community happenings and upcoming events!

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Written by Craig Froman

Craig Froman

Craig Froman is the author of Passport to the World, a children’s guided tour of 26 cultures, A to Z. He loves connecting with people and learning about our differences and those things that connect us all.