Time With the Family: Taking Inventory

inventoryAnother month has gone by and so much has happened this year.  With summer winding down and a busy school year fast-approaching, this lesson really hit home for me.

The lesson: Inventory. It’s a word we often associate with business and with good reason.  After all, businesses have many very practical reasons to complete routine inventory analyses.  Taking inventory allows you to see what’s moving from your shelves, what you’re having trouble selling, what you need to order more of soon and when you have loss due to theft or breakage.  Something else to consider: maybe you’re paying for $100,000 worth of insurance protection on your warehouse and you have let yourself accumulate $500,000 in product.  Either you need to reduce the product on hand or increase your coverage.  Likewise: If you are paying for too much coverage, you may be able to save money by reducing your plan.

And by now you’re reading this and wondering, “So… what exactly does all of this have to do with the Bible? I promise, I’m heading that direction. Continue Reading →

2016 SAT – It’s Closer Than You Think!

I am giddy with excitement about the 2016 SAT!  Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine such a homeschool friendly exam would be created.

In the late 1800s, a group of leading American universities formed the College Entrance Examination Board, and working together they administered the Testingfirst standardized exam in 1901. For the first time, students could take one entrance exam for several universities instead of taking a separate exam for each university to which they applied. The SAT from its inception has been an attempt to provide colleges with a tool to identify potential candidates for their universities. It remains so today. Generally speaking the SAT is an “aptitude” (Standard Aptitude Test) which measures critical thinking skills. It is similar to the IQ test which puts more emphasis on cognition (problem solving) than upon epistemology (information). The ACT, by the way, is an “achievement” or epistemologically based exam, much like the Iowa Basics or Stanford Achievement Exams. Universities use the SAT to predict college performance. It is, undoubtedly, pretty good at doing that. Occasionally students who do poorly on the SAT do well in college, but almost never do high scoring SAT students perform poorly in college. Continue Reading →

You Don’t Love Me!

you don't love me

You don’t love me…

Has your child ever said this to you? We’re going through this phase for the second time of our parenthood…different child, same age range. It shocked me the first time. I’ll be honest…it hurts. It hurts to think my daughter doesn’t think I love her no matter what the reason.
So what prompted this break-my-heart statement? I punished her.

My girls are not perfect…I know this comes as a huge surprise to everyone, right? Before I had kids I thought discipline would be a simple matter. Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Scandal of the Century

Yep, Donald Sterling is a racist old man. Racism is a sin, therefore, Donald Sterling is a sinner. Now there’s a shock.

shockWhat can we learn from the scandal of the century? Lots.

  1. Secularists are stunned that the LA Clippers owner (for now) is racist. Christians aren’t. Racism is another symptom of the fall. Furthermore, the core of racism is arrogance. No Christian in his right mind should be throwing the first stone at Mr. Sterling.
  2. The world is more eager to condemn than forgive. Christians are fast to forgive. Christianity is a nicer world to live in.
  3. Christians seem to have forgotten that racism is not the granddaddy of all sins. Continue Reading →

April Facebook Party – 2014

Illustrated Family Bible-sm

Facebook Party 

April 29, 2014   at 7pm CST

The Moms of Master Books are back this month and talking about the recently released, Illustrated Family Bible Stories.

 Take a look at the bible through the eyes of a child!

You’ll watch Bible history come alive for you and your children.  Learn the facts and history about these true events that changed the world forever. Continue Reading →