Christmas Traditions Around the World!

I’ve always been fascinated by Christmas… the sense of wonder the season creates and God’s precious gift… I’ve also come to love learning about the different customs celebrated around the world. I searched out just a few to share with you here. ENJOY!

BangladeshBangladesh: Bengali Christians celebrate Christmas day as Boro Din, or Great Day. Family and friends are greeted by saying Shubho Boro Din, or Greetings of the Great Day, and offer traditional sweets and pithas (traditional Bengali cakes).

china1China: Many of the Chinese Christmas customs are similar to those in the West, and include exchanging presents, sending out cards, and even hanging stockings. However, because of persecution, many observe Christmas privately and quietly.

GermanyGermany: The Christmas gift-giving in Germany (called Bescherung) most often happens on Christmas Eve. Often, the Christmas feast also happens on this night, and may include roast goose, carp, German potato salad, sausages, or perhaps a filling soup.

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Written by Craig Froman

Craig Froman

Craig Froman is the author of Passport to the World, a children’s guided tour of 26 cultures, A to Z. He loves connecting with people and learning about our differences and those things that connect us all.