Free Book Friday: Pieces of Light

Yesterday we announced that Piece of Light, book 3 of the Dinah Harris mystery series, placed 6th in Family Fiction’s Novel of the Year category. This is such great news!!  We are so pleased that Julie Cave, author of the three book series, is being recognized for her amazing work. Amidst stiff competition including Karen Kingsbury, Ted Dekker, and Beverly Lewis, Julie was voted by readers into the top 10 authors of the year.

We are counting this a major victory for the mission of New Leaf Publishing Group: ink on paper to touch eternity. The Dinah Harris mystery series is not just a set of page-turning, nail-biting thrillers. It’s written to shine the light of the hope we have in Jesus Christ to a world that might not otherwise find him. Cave hopes Christians will share her books with non-believers.

In celebration of this outstanding achievement, Free Book Friday is dedicated to Julie Cave. We are giving away 5 digital copies of her award winning Pieces of Light. In order to win, tell us why you’d like to read the Dinah Harris Mystery series in the comment section below. Five winners will be randomly chosen today at 4:30 CT.


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14 thoughts on “Free Book Friday: Pieces of Light

  1. Laurie McClure

    I would love to read these to my kids whom I homeschool. I want to instill in them a love for the lost, to share their hope in Christ with everyone.

  2. Tabitha Zehner

    My family would enjoy reading this book together! We love a “good” mystery :)

  3. Kate B.

    We’re always looking for “safe” books to read–books that aren’t filled with all kinds of things we have to un-teach our daughter. This sounds like a great option!

  4. Teresa D Smith

    I am always looking for new ways to reach the world with Truth and cause folks to think about “what IF there truly is a God?” Now I KNOW through EXPERIENCE that there is…but oftentimes, people who are going through “various trials and tribulations” reach out to “the world” drugs for depression, alcohol to get “through the day”, and never come into the understanding OF Why We Are Here. I would love to read her series and gain new experience of witnessing to the non-believer. I think so often as Christians we GO AT peoples “sins” instead of helping them to focus on WHERE THEY ARE (in despair as CAUSE and see SIN as effect). If we want to change the “effect” we have to ASSIST folks in changing their “cause”….and oftentimes it merely involves a turning to another HUMAN who in merciful kindness doesn’t come from a point of shame on you, but listening and helping them to think ON THE POWER OF REDEMPTION. I would love to have this as another tool in my toolbox, another broom to sweep away the cobwebs which gather when we get stuck in the witnessing process. Sometimes, a good book can be a better tool…as it BEGINS the “awakening” process, and the HEART shifts and cracks like molten lava spewing forth after laying dormant for years underneath and hidden…just waiting for the perfect moment to expose itself!

  5. Jessica

    I enjoy finding new authors, and I love to read well-written Christian thrillers. Also, my teenage daughter is an avid reader and it can be a challenge to find good, clean, Biblically-sound books for her to read. I’d like to check this one out!

  6. Cindy

    I love mysteries, but haven’t had a chance to read any christian based ones. I would love to give her work a try!

  7. Tim

    I would love to have this book because up till now, I have been reading secular mystery books. The opportunity to win a Christian mystery book is to good to pass.

  8. admin Post author

    And the winners are………………………………..

  9. Frank

    Don’t know if it’s too late to add my name in the hat, but I am an avid reader and love mystery books as well as interested to know how writers integrate faith in stories.

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