FREE Book Friday- The Big Book of History

Today is FREE book Friday from New Leaf Publishing Group! You have the chance to win the brand new Big Book of History!

Unfold 15 feet of the most interesting history of the world. This easy to follow, color-coded, multi-stream timeline teaches six thousand years of world history to children ages seven through thirteen. Biblical history meshes perfectly with a historical timeline that encompasses empires and famous philosophers, inventions, battles, and the archaeological evidence children read about today. But they only make the connection when you show biblical history in context with other history.

3 winners will be selected today. To win, you must tell us how you would use the Big Book History with your family, church, or learning facility, and share the below video on your blog, facebook wall, or twitter.
The video can also be found here,, if you would like to share the link:

The winners will be announced here today in the comments section at 4:30 pm CST, make sure to check back and GOOD LUCK!

Written by Katie Gumm

Katie Gumm

Katie is married to her best friend Matt and they celebrate 5 years of marriage on December 22, 2014. She is a graduate of Missouri State University with her degree in Public Relations and currently serves as Publicist for New Leaf Publishing Group. She loves her church and enjoys serving in the women’s ministry and media department at Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, MO.

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About Katie Gumm

Katie is married to her best friend Matt and they celebrate 5 years of marriage on December 22, 2014. She is a graduate of Missouri State University with her degree in Public Relations and currently serves as Publicist for New Leaf Publishing Group. She loves her church and enjoys serving in the women’s ministry and media department at Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, MO.

89 thoughts on “FREE Book Friday- The Big Book of History

  1. Jeremy

    My son loves History, and I think this would be a great tool for him to use. I haven’t seen the book, but I think it would probably have a lot things in it, that the school doesn’t teach him.

    Shared on twitter @chrstianpatriot

  2. Leslie Spitler

    I would use this book with my 2 children in our homeschool. My son (10) absolutely loves history, so I try to provide as many resources for him as possible. I believe the Big Book of History will also help spark a love for history in my daughter (7) as well.

  3. Beth Ann Bruno

    I would, of course, use this for our homeschool, but also as a witness to the other children in our neighborhood-to show them how God planned everything out, how it’s His Story!!

  4. Dawn Gilcrest

    I would live this. My son age 9 is fascinated with history, but much of what we find to study is very dry. This looks so fun, the whole family would enjoy it!

  5. Dawn Kilgore

    I would use it with my two children in our homeschool. We love to read stories of old, and this would be a great addition to our History collection. Im sure it would be well read and well loved.

  6. Mary Jo

    I LOVE this book! Bought a copy for my parents and younger sisters last Christmas, but I really want to get one for our homeschool soon. I’m also part of a co/op and teach classes there that would find this incredible resource extremely helpful.

  7. Leri

    I would LOVE to have a book like this to share my love of History with my daughter and son in a tangible way. I also think that understanding history and culture, and what has made us who we are today, are very important as a Christian. If we know who we are and where we come from, it’s easier to understand those around us and to know where we are going.
    I would love to use such a book together with a Biblical timeline and go over the stories of the past with my kids and even with some of the kids at church.

  8. Missional Mama

    This would be a fab resource for homeschooling. It could be pulled out daily to see where we are at in history or other readings. It can be used to help make a timeline with your kids! What a great resource!

  9. Mary Jo

    I just watched the video. It’s not the same one I bought for my parents, but this one looks terrific too! My girls would love it! Just shared the video on facebook!

  10. Penny

    As a military homeschooling family living overseas, we’d use this in our schooling, of course. We are also HUGE history buffs which makes living overseas more exciting as we are able to get out and see what we are reading about. We often compare what was happening in different parts of the world (that we are living in and have lived in) at any given time. This resource would allow us to do so more easily and with more accuracy. I can also see us taking this resource along to our British church to share with other history lovers how a Biblical world-view and the moving of God throughout time affects man’s timeline.

    • Penny

      Not a twitter-er here :(
      But I did share this as my current status post on FB. I certainly recommend Master Books to all my friends – homschoolers or not.

  11. amanda butler

    I teach high school age at church. They are at the age where they don’t take my word for everything and want the facts. I could display this book in our new room and give them some solid evidence!! Love it!

  12. kimmomof4

    I have several resources that show a linear timeline and I love the way it helps the kids see the big picture. Over the past 12 years, we have studied ancient history through post modern, but still hear my kids ask questions that show me how we can never be done learning. If the resources are there, take advantage and re-teach the same things over and over, but in a different way to make an impact. The visuals are great too. So many important events in history overlap and because we typically teach things in isolation of other events we miss the correlations. I love the big picture this book presents.

  13. Jodi D.

    this would be a WONDERFUL addition to our homeschool. I don’t have the wall space to put a timeline up for my kids and this would give us the opportunity to lay it out on the floor and enjoy! my son LOVEs informational books that have little tidbits of info on each page so this would be perfect for him. I can see him looking at it for hours! we had another timeline like this but it was more for adults. my husband loaned it out to a fellow Bible study goer and the guy stopped coming to studies!

  14. Oreeda Burnette

    I have seven grandchildren. Four are being homeschooled and this would be great for them to see and work with. I can see it being used by each age pupil and then as the others grow–them too! What a great tool.

  15. Sandra

    I love History and like to share it with kids by incorporating history into my unit studies. I think this book would be a great guideline as to what to write about next!

  16. Kathy Balman

    I would use this book in our homeschool. I would use the timeline as a guide for planning our unit studies. I love that there are pictures that is wonderful for my two little ones since they cannot read yet.

  17. Marcee

    We would use this in our homeschool. Our family loves history and being able to see a timeline is such a great visual to see everything lined out.
    marcee dot rodgers at gmail dot com

  18. Nancy

    This resource would be great in our homeschool. We love history. We would be able to line up our family history with this great timeline.

  19. Brianna

    I love History!!! Especially any book that also shows Biblical History. We homeschool & have 2 children that fall into the age group for this book. We would use this as a supplement to our studies & probably even in our Family Worship. I shared the video on Facebook.

  20. Kelly T.

    I’m always looking for ways to introduce a Biblical world view to my children as they are learning History and Science in a public school setting. This would be a very useful tool for home study!

  21. Dina Branch

    I would give it to my son,who is 14. I know this seems a little old for a book like this, but he still loves books like this and continues to enjoy them. He then turns around and shares his knowledge with his six year old sister in a more fun way than I ever could.

  22. Dawne Baker

    Our family LOVES history! Having this would really make major events clear and the bonus of having the Bible timeline will bring everything together in such an important way! We would use this a LOT!!!

  23. Lynne

    I have been told I have 2 “only children”… A 12 year old daughter & a 2 year old son. This book would be an incredible gift for both of them because, even though they grow older & change, HIStory never will!

  24. Tonya

    My twin sons have autism, but there are no good schools in town, so we are going to homeschool next year. We REALLY NEED text books. I am a single mom and cannot afford a lot of text books because I am disabled too and cannot work.

  25. Nathan Behrends

    My children do attend public school, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t also teach them at home. A resourse like this would be so useful for my family as we do our best to full the gaps missed by public education. Keep up the good work.

  26. Tami

    We use Mystery of History and Illuminations so history and the Bible are the core of what we do everyday! We would use it daily and as a visual resource it would be great for al my visual learners! We would LOVE it!

  27. April Harrah

    I love that history is shown chronologically instead of being taught as seemingly unrelated stories. This would be a fabulous addition to our homeschool curriculum.

  28. Heather Hock

    I have small children who attend public school and this resource will help them to ‘see’ the history while learning the truth. I will use this book in my children’s ministry curriculum for sure! Having such a great tool will help the kids develop a ‘visual’ in their mind so they can know what fits with God’s timeline and what doesn’t.

  29. Sue

    My husband and I are on the board of our local homeschool group and we would put this in the library there to be a blessing to all of our members.

  30. Shannon

    Our family of seven just recently moved from Indiana to Illinois. It has been a big change for our family and in doing so, we are now homeschooling all five kids this year. I think this book would be a great addition to our History lessons and we would be thrilled to have a copy!

  31. Joy Howell

    I homeschool my boys and love teaching history chronologically and this would allow a visual timeline as we go over the various periods and see how things interlink and create cause and effect.

  32. April Harrah

    I love that history is taught chronologically instead of as seemingly unrelated stories. This would be a fabulous addition to our homeschool library.

  33. barbara sheffer

    I would use it with our 7 year old as we homeschool to she how things connect. I would also use it with our church in various setting Ladies Fellowship, and Junior Church, both of with I’m involved in.

  34. Angela

    My family would use this in our homeschool. We love History around here. This looks like it would be a great thing to have up or pull out when visitors come over, as well.

  35. Carmen

    As a homeschool mom of 7, I’m always on the lookout for great ideas on how to teach history while incorporating a timeline. Timelines are the perfect tool to help ‘see’ history in a chronological order. And this book would fit perfectly with our history curriculum from Answers in Genesis.

  36. Betty

    I would use this in home schooling all 6 of my children! What a great way for them to see history unfold, and for them to see the bible in history!! Because our bible is the greatest history book we have! What an awesome tool this would be!!

  37. Leighanne Dash

    As we read through the Bible as a family at nights, we will take a visual tour through history using “The Big Book” as our guide! What a great way to grow closer to God and what a magnificent tool!

  38. Heather

    I would love to use this in my homeschool, as we love to read about history. I might would also use this in my sunday school class (first & second grade). Thanks for the opportunity to look into this material.

  39. Adam Blumer

    My dear wife homeschools my two daughters. This book would wonderfully supplement what my wife is already teaching my girls about history. I’d love a copy!

  40. Alexis

    We are a homeschooling family, and my 6 year old son loves anything to do with history or science, so he would love a book like this. It would get put to good use during classtime, and probably even afterwards!

  41. Angelena

    We just visited the Creation Museum last week and had the opportunity to see Ken Ham review this specific book! I’d love to incorporate it into our homeschooling curriculum! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  42. Deb Haschel

    My son has just started home school and we are doing “My Father’s World” curriculum. We started off learning the days of creation and this book would help me show him more of what God has created and impacted throughout history. Also it is something that i can use year after year with him.

  43. Marcy Martin

    I am a mom of three wonderfully and fearfully made boys who I am striving to teach and disciple daily to become worshipers of my Savior. I would use the book to help teach them history from a Biblical world view, and share it with my chucrh as needed.

  44. Judy J.

    We would love to use this in our homeschool, as well as having it available for the whole family to pour over. We love to see how God’s story unfolds through the timelines!

  45. Patricia

    We would love to incorporate this text as a tool to bring history alive to not only our children BUT GRANDchildren also….All of our Boys…(we have 3) LOVE history and to have history coinciding with the Bible would be TERRIFIC :)
    THANKS for opportunity to have a free copy!

  46. Louan

    I would use this book to help supplement the history lessons that my son is learning in public school. I would use it as a tool to teach him about the Biblical principles of history so that he will know what the Bible teaches.

  47. Tara

    I would love this book for my kids! I am teaching them at home..and this would be such a wonderful addition!

    Thank you for the chance!


  48. Emily B

    I would use it in our homeschool and share it with our other homeschooling family and friends that would be interested in using it! I shared it on my homeschooling faceboook page…

  49. Erin facione

    I’m a former classroom teacher, now homeschooling mom to 7. I would envision using this tool as a visual for our creation based history and science. I could also see us using it alongside a secular world view of history to help my children understand major differences between the 2 and help equip with a firm foundation for their faith. If the Lord opens the door for me to teach in classrooms again, I envision this as a treasured teaching tool as well.

  50. HillaryM

    We would love to have this to use as we learn (homeschool family here). History seems so abstract until you can see how things relate and fit together.

    Tweeted @OurHmSchlStudio

  51. Gideon Bransford

    We would use it in our homeschool. All of our children love history. It would be great to share the book with them.

  52. Bethany B

    My youngest son especially enjoys following history by using a timeline. We would love to have one of these for our homeschool and also to share with our Sunday School class!

  53. Jennifer

    We would love using this to see the correlation between “textbook” history and God’s history. We love Masters books and are always adding new ones to our library. I love having wonderful supplements to our programs.

  54. Christine Skelly

    I am excited to see your new product, “The Big Book of History.” It looks like a great way for children to see the Lord’s hand in history! We are a homeschool family with three children (ages 7, 6 and almost 5). Aside from using this resource for homeschool we also belong to a co-op that would greatly enjoy meeting around the timeline and working together to dive a little deeper into some of the more significant historical events. Thank you for your efforts to bring this great project to completion! I pray it will benefit many families and enable children to gain a biblical understanding of history!

  55. Adri Pedregon

    Homeschooling 2 kids without having the foundation, a literal timeline that holds up everything else they will ever learn, is simply incomplete. The “whys”, “hows”, & “whens” are coming & I would love to have an answer ready before they do; a cement to fill in the gaps & to give them the security of their faith in a visible way to reassure them that everything the Bible says is concrete fact. We followed an online timeline during the week before Christ was crucified & it made it so much more real to see exactly what was happening & when. This is terrific!!!

  56. Amanda

    This summer we are going to travel all over New England as a family and explore the first hundred years of American history and what led up to that time in the colonies. I am a resource fanatic, and this would be a great way to bless my two kiddos, as well as my sister who I am hoping to bring along with us.

    I also believe very strongly in sharing resources and would love to see other families in our homeschool network benefit from what seems to be a great addition to our exploration of history!

  57. Terri Magnant

    I have 4 kiddos ages 4,8,11, and 13… I think that this would be a perfect way to sit and homeschhol them together for a part of our day!!!! How fun and interesting! A family that learns, prays, laughs, and shares together stays together! And cherishes those moments later as they grow!!!!

  58. Shannon Gipson

    My husband and I have considered homeschooling our twin boys (now 4) so that we could teach them American, world and biblical history in a more accurate (truthful) context as opposed to the revisionism taught in our schools today.

    Through further study we have decide to let them attend public school and supplement their history by comparing public school education with the content of original documents. I believe books like this are exactly what we need to aid in our boys learning experiences.

    Thank you for the chance,


  59. Mary Bransford

    My daughter would love to have this book, she loves all Master Books. She enjoys them so much sometimes they go to bed with her :-)

  60. Evlyn

    I know this would a wonderful tool to add to the creation collection we now use in our church day school. At present the school library has several books and the video series, which gets used regularly in class discussions and research. Answers in Genesis is truly a great addition to any school cirriculum, and any home school would be truly blessed with this addition to their curriculum.
    Thanks for a great way to help

  61. Amanda S.

    History is such a huge part of anyone’s lives. If we dont know the past, how can we prepare for the future? My parents taught me to enjoy learning about my past and I really do! I am already teaching my 6 year old about our area history and hope to get her hooked on learning more also!

  62. evlyn

    Asnwers in Genesis series along with other of the videos produced have made a wonderful addition to the church school library. Ofter the materials are used in teaching and student research projects. I know this will be a great addition to any homeschool or church school library or curriculum. Thanks for produce such wonderful tools.

  63. Susan B

    I would use this as an awesome tool to reinforce History with my two children. I won’t lie, History wasn’t my favorite growing up, but it was never presented with anything as interesting as The Big Book of History! It’s incredible!

  64. Shannon

    Oh how fun! I LOVE being able to see the big picture, and want to teach my kids (homeschool!!) to see History with the big picture in mind as well. Everything is connected. I would LOVE to be able to have an awesome timeline like this to share with my children when teaching history! And, I think it would be helpful for me as well! I’m a visual person (and an artist), so having a tool like this for history as opposed to just dates and facts in a text book is SO HELPFUL :-)

  65. Nikki

    My family would use this incredibly unique (in the world which teaches us millions of years) to reaffirm what we have have taught our daughter concerning the truth history as recorded in the Bible literally. We would also use it as a resource when teaching adult Sunday School and Bible study.

  66. Tammy Herrera

    I would have a tool to teach my children the things I wasn’t taught. To carry on to the next generation.

  67. Jennifer Snider

    As a homeschool mother, I have been searching for a book like this but just haven’t found the “right” one to suits our needs. I really think this is the book! I have been wanting a book like this to encourage my children to love history as well as to understand Biblical events as they occurred.

  68. Jennifer Snider

    As a homeschool mother, I have been searching for a book like this but just haven’t found the “right” one to suit our needs. I really think this is the book! I have been wanting a book like this to encourage my children to love history as well as to understand Biblical events as they occurred.

  69. admin

    And the winners are…………………….

    Leslie Spitler




    each of you will be emailed so we can get your shipping info.

    Thanks so much for participating everyone!

  70. Tara Casey

    This looks amazing! We homeschool so it would be a wonderful addition to our world history curriculum, and also we are going through Answers in Genesis 7C’s of History in Sunday School. This book would go well with that class also. It is always great to find new books being published that are well done and great for kids.

  71. Amanda Stead

    Would LOVE to use this with my kids for home school. Am also teaching Science at a co-op & we are desperate for materials, especially in the area of Creation Science. Thanks for letting me post!

  72. Darlene @ Life On The Franco Farm

    I am a history teacher by training and currently homeschooling my 4 yr and 2yr olds. This book seems like a natural addition to our homeschool curriculum as I am already incorporating historical elements into her studies. I would also donate this book to other homeschooling families in the area once it served its purpose in our home, as our rural library does not have many homeschooling resources.

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