March Digital Deals 3/16-3/31


The second half of the month is here and you know what that means: MORE DEALS! We’ve got discounts on books for all ages and likes but we can’t keep these prices around forever so get yours today!


Questions God Asks   God knows all things. Yet, as strange as it may seem to us, the Bible is filled with questions that God asks. These questions assist us in understanding both our Maker and ourselves. Examine fundamental assumptions about God, human nature, relationships, origins, purpose and destiny in this revealing book. Stop demanding answers from God and begin answering the questions He asks of us.

Marvels of Creation: Magnificent Mammals   Children and adults both will delight in this illustrated guide to animals of the world. Filled with spectacular photographs and “creature classifications” – it is great for any home or school library.

The Defender’s Guide to Life’s Toughest Questions   It’s tough to be a believer in today’s world- especially if you are a student in an academic system intent on destroying your faith. Bestselling author and television co-host, Ray Comfort, has collected some of the toughest questions people will face in defending their faith and offers sound biblical responses. Each issue is one that has been raised by genuine atheists. Don’t be without these powerful facts when you face a world trying to twist and confuse biblical truth.

Pieces of Light   Book 3 of the Dinah Harris Mystery Series: Detective Dinah Harris hunts down a serial bomber targeting religious icons and buildings. The bomber is on a mission to rid the city of religion and establish a ‘new world order’. Can someone so intent on ridding the world of God experience redemption? What lies behind his hatred of God? Will his darkened soul search for pieces of light?

Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box   Could a ship be constructed that would be able to survive the global flood described in biblical book of Genesis? Could it be built without the modern techniques of today being available to Noah? This groundbreaking book answers both of these questions with a resounding “yes”!  Join naval expert and mechanical engineer Tim Lovett in “thinking outside the box” as you consider groundbreaking research in this innovative new study on Noah’s ark. Lovett builds on traditional research into this historic event using the latest techniques in computer modeling and testing

The New Answers Book for Kids vol. 3   Now children can begin to understand both God’s Holy Word and the importance of Him in their lives – what He expects from them, why it is vital to follow His plan for their lives, and the love He has for them.  The new Answers Book for Kids series is a unique collection from Ken Ham and the creative team at Answers in Genesis that empower children to live with godly values and understand why it is so important to obey God.


Written by April


April Keown is a Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Manager for New Leaf Publishing Group. She earned her bachelor’s degree at College of the Ozarks and is in the process of pursuing an MBA through Capella University. Despite being a working mother, she is a huge proponent of home-education and is proud to be affiliated with the NLPG’s mission to spread God’s truth through their Master Books and New Leaf Press imprints. April considers herself to be a walking testimony to the fact that God never stops pursuing His children and that no matter what you walk through, He will bring you out on the other side with a new-found testimony to share!