It’s National Parent’s as Teacher’s Day!

Homeschool Parents, we are celebrating you!


Your decision to educate at home is commendable. What a sacrifice you are making for your family.

To celebrate all that you are working for, Master Books is offering Dr. James Stobaugh’s ACT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student and SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student at 70% off the retail price plus shipping! This offer is good through November 11th at midnight.

Dr. Stobaugh designed these resources to follow the format of the tests. As an ACT & SAT test grader, he offers your students a great advantage as they prepare for one or both of these important tests.


ACT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student

A student’s ACT score is key in determining their eligibility for college scholarships and admissions. A higher score can mean thousands of additional dollars towards their college education, and in some cases a free ride!

Prepare to excel with the ACT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student, written by Dr. James P. Stobaugh, an experienced ACT/SAT grader, graduate of Harvard and Rutgers, as well as Princeton and Gordon Conwell seminaries. With these 50 devotion-based lessons, Stobaugh expects “Christian students should score 4-5 points higher on the exam.”

Whether used over the course of a year or in 50 days, high school teens will:

• Master stress reduction techniques and test-taking skills

• Complete exercises designed to hone their English, Mathematics, Reading,
and Science skills

• Strengthen essay skills for the optional writing portion of the exam

• Develop and strengthen their faith in God and the authority of His Word.

This preparation course beautifully combines appropriate lessons and character devotions into a resource that will completely prepare a student’s mind, body, and soul for this very important test. It is all of these parts combined that make this the most complete guide to successfully preparing
for the ACT.

A free downloadable workbook is also available to accompany this resource at

Perhaps you’re planning to prepare for the SAT test instead? Or planning to take both? We’ve got you covered! Check out the SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student also authored by Dr. James P. Stobaugh. This preparation course also includes a devotional aspect as well as Scripture meditation and memorization.

Over the next few years, Dr. James Stobaugh and Master Books® will be releasing additional titles to assist the home and private school educator in teaching history and literature. Master Books®, an imprint of New Leaf Publishing Group, is the world’s largest publisher of creation-based material for all ages; including apologetics, homeschool resources, reference titles, and quality children’s literature.