The Next Generation Leaders of America

“Grow up. Now. Get busy. Take responsibility to change this world for God, because that’s exactly what He expects you to do. Your life matters, and God wants to make your life great.” This is the call to action from Take Back the Land author Rick Boyer. He is passionate about calling young people to take their place as leaders and to impact the future in a positive, godly way.

“This is a book for young people. It was written because I believe young people are important and that they have a huge part in God’s plan for the future of America and the Church. In fact, you are the future, and a big part of the present, too.”–Rick Boyer

New Leaf Publishing Group is proud of our Christian heritage and the godliness of our founding fathers. We believe it’s important to publish books, unrevised, about the true nature of our heritage and godly people who helped shape it. We also believe it’s important to publish resources to encourage the next generation of leaders to stand strong on the Word of God and to rise up to lead our nation for Him. Many of our Christian heritage titles are published beneath our Attic Books imprint, learn more here.

If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, your calling is to change the world. All you need to get started is the desire to influence your country and church in a positive way.

Here are a few resources you would enjoy:

-Take Back the Land

-For You They Signed

-Life of Washington

-Life of Andrew Jackson

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The Life of John Newton – Charming. Inspiring. Engaging.

The Life of John Newton is the latest release in the “Life of” series published under our Attic Book imprint. In this guest post, Lori Lyndell, a stay at home mom and employee of the Old Schoolhouse Magazine shares her love for the book.

I recently had a chance to read “Life of John Newton” by Attic Books.  This is a reprint of a book originally published in 1831 by the American Sunday-School Union, now known as American Missionary Fellowship.

I can sum up the entire book in one word, “charming.”  The book itself is small in size, only 143 pages.  So this is a book that feels good in your hands. The wording is a bit old-worldly but not so much that it hinders your reading of the book, like reading Shakespeare.  Instead the wording is sweet and harkens back to another time.  Here’s an example:  “During this time, he had no business to engage his attention, but sometimes amused himself with studying mathematics.”   I love this quote because I love math.  But I also love the way it is worded.  The entire book is worded this way.  It makes you want to linger.

Even the physical book itself is charming.  The cover is a replica of the original, appearing worn and aged.  I loved the pages, they are not even and smooth as books of today, but rough looking.  Again, the word that comes to mind is “charming.”

I could have read the entire book in 6 hours, but instead I tried to read it in shorter bursts because I wanted to linger with it.  It takes you through John Newton’s life, spending  time on his wayward youth and working through to his life of ministry.  The thing I loved about the descriptions of his youth is that they were never detailed.  Instead of going into a list of all the things he did that were bad, phrases were used such as “his conduct was worse than ever” or he indulged his “evil propensities.”  I will be able to read this biography to our sons with a clear conscience knowing that the bad deeds are never explained, and only the good deeds are focused on.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and plan to read any others that are published in this series.  It was a pleasure to read and I plan to read it to our boys in the very near future.

You can purchase Life of John Newton at most major book retailers such as Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, or Barnes and Noble.    And I do suggest you buy this book.  It is inspiring and engaging.  The book itself is a treasure that will sit on my shelf for a lifetime, after everyone in my family has read it.

Amazing Grace: I Will Never Hear Nor Sing That Song the Same Again.

Do you get chills when you hear or sing Amazing Grace?

Even for those who do not often enter church buildings, Amazing Grace is one of the most emotion-invoking, recognizable hymns of all time. After having read Life of John Newton, I will never hear nor sing that song the same again.  I only thought it stirred my soul before…but now…unbelievable…amazing.

This brief but powerful biography of John Newton, author of Amazing Grace, was written and originally published in 1831 by the American Sunday School Union and was reprinted in June of 2011 by Attic Books.

I have read and reviewed most of the other books Attic Books has printed in the Life Of… series, and I must say that this one is my absolute favorite so far.  Though each one has been powerful, influencing, and insightful to read, this one…well, you just need to see for yourself.

Sure, the words of Amazing Grace allude to the author having been a “wretch.”  BUT, we really don’t get the depth of his meaning behind saying he was a wretch.  This man, John Newton, was as he says, “the chief of sinners.”  Recognize that? This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. – Paul in 1 Timothy 1:15

After having read the account of John Newton’s life, I would say he was even more “the chief of sinners” than Paul.  I know sin has no degrees, as in one is worse than another, but the life of Mr. Newton was truly a wretched one for many, many years.

Each time I thought his circumstances and demeanor had gotten as bad as they could—they got worse.
Each time I thought he had surely awakened and learned his lesson and was about to pen Amazing Grace—he didn’t.

Yes, he obviously did finally come to that crucial turning point, and truly only by the Amazing Grace of God by the drawing and conviction of His Holy Spirit through the saving work of the spilling of the blood payment of His beloved Son, our dear Savior Jesus Christ. And today, because Mr. N. (as he is often referred to in this biography) lived a wretched life, seemingly beyond hope of redemption, and because he WAS redeemed and lived to tell and write and sing about it—because of Mr. Newton and many others like him (myself being one)—today you and I can sing a song that speaks to the souls of many far deeper than most songs can.

Are you a wretch?
Are you the chief of sinners?
Are you too far gone to have any hope for redemption or even any desire for it?
Do you know anyone who may be feeling that way right now?
Have you been there and found that amazing grace is more amazing and gracious than you ever thought possible?

I challenge you all to consider reading this powerful life story of Mr. John Newton.  Then, don’t stop there.  Share it.  Share it with those who need to hear it.  Those who can relate to it.  We all need to recognize the depth of our despair without the amazing grace, forgiveness, salvation, and redemption of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  And we all need to accept His free gift, then share it until we cannot speak nor sing nor write anymore.

As Mr. Newton replied when in his physically deteriorating old age he was being encouraged to stop preaching before he could no longer speak, “I cannot stop,’ said he, raising his voice; ‘What ! shall the old African blasphemer stop while he can speak?” We cannot afford to deny our need for God’s amazing grace and accept it as it is freely given to us.  And we cannot stop speaking of it as long as we can still speak. Who knows what blasphemer and slave trader may hear our testimony of the amazing grace we have found and in turn become the next John Newton and write the next Amazing Grace?

New Leaf Publishing Group is Proud to Announce the Fall Line-Up!

With a strong commitment to our mission statement and aggressive programs that help both authors and our customers in a competitive market, our products remain a unique and relevant voice in some of the most important conversations
regarding Christian heritage, faith and science, and supplemental education resources.
Here is a list of the titles we have coming out this Fall:
Life of John Newton
The inspiring biography of the man who lived and penned Amazing Grace!

SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student, by Dr. James Stobaugh
A vital resource of guidance in this critical college entrance exam

Begin, by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge
The perfect starting point for any believer to begin a powerful journey through the Bible!

Beyond the Score: Relationship Keys for Golf and Life, by Jim Sheard
Life is all about the quality of your daily relationships!

The Family Illustrated Bible
An inspiring, insightful, and exquisitely rendered presentation of the Bible!

How Do We Know the Bible is True?, by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge
Insights into the authenticity and truth of the Bible!

Take Back the Land, by Rick Boyer
Challenging today’s youth to action with a mission to restore Christian values!

4 Days to a Forever Marriage: Choosing Love or Anger
, by Dr. Gary & Norma Smalley
Key choice for any relationship- love or anger? Which will you choose?

Big Book of History, by Laura Welch
Unfold 6000 years of history in a stunning chart featuring 4 timelines in one!

A is for Adam,

by Ken and Mally Ham
Step one in creating a child’s biblical worldview!Ham

The World of Animals, by Martin Walters & Jinny Johnson
Explore over one thousand of God’s most extraordinary creatures!

World of Science
A hands-on, real-world science text that inspires, informs, and brings honor to the Lord!

AB4T- Answer Book for Teens

, by Stacia McKeever
The vital answers for difficult faith issues that teens are facing!

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We are declaring Friday’s - “Free Book Friday”. Each week, we will share with you an opportunity to win a copy of  a book we think you will really enjoy. This week’s book is the Life of John Newton. John Newton wrote our beloved hymn, Amazing Grace. The Life of John Newton is a biography that will inspire every man, woman and child. His spiritual transformation highlights the unstoppable force of God’s love and unlimited grace regardless of one’s own wretched history. Learn more about the book and the man here.

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