Moms of Master Books are taking the kids to Explore Dinosaur National Monument!

Dinosaur MonumentMoms of Master Books have been kicking of the dust and getting ready for spring all March long.  Now we’re inviting you to come along too and Explore Dinosaur National Monument with Noah Justice.   Whether you’ve been watching Noah grow up on camera with us over the years or you’re just hearing about the young guide for the first time, you’re going to love this powerful, easy-to-follow resource!

Packed with great information about yet another amazing location in the American West.  With this awesome new addition to the Awesome Science DVD series, you’ll get the chance to explore history, geology, and Biblical connections in a virtual field trip format.

Dinosaurs are among the most fascinating extinct creatures in our history. Unique sites like this one can be found around the guide to online casinos for canadians globe and allow visitors a glimpse of a mystery solved by Biblical history!  Dinosaur National Monument truly one of the top paleontological finds of the 20th century. Continue Reading →

April Facebook Party – 2014

Illustrated Family Bible-sm

Facebook Party 

April 29, 2014   at 7pm CST

The Moms of Master Books are back this month and talking about the recently released, Illustrated Family Bible Stories.

 Take a look at the bible through the eyes of a child!

You’ll watch Bible history come alive for you and your children.  Learn the facts and history about these true events that changed the world forever. Continue Reading →

Take a free Trip with Noah Justice!



Rocky Mountain National Park.275x371

Our second prize tonight is a free copy of the Rocky Mountain National Park episode from Noah Justice and the rest of the team at Awesome Science.  This DVD includes spectacular mountains, streams, pine forests, diverse wildlife, and lush vegetation. Go on an expedition with Noah Justice to the Rocky Mountains to explore how they were formed and eroded by the catastrophic tectonics of the Flood. Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Grand Prize Is…

grand prize march14


Last Prize of the night folks!  Before you scroll down the page to enter, let us say how grateful we are to each and every one of you who took the time to show up and support us tonight.  We love and appreciate you!

All right everyone!  If you have guessed (thank you picture!), the Grand Prize Winner tonight will not only receive both of the new Awesome Science DVDs, but an additional $20 to spend at our online store! Continue Reading →