Interactive Books by New Leaf Publishing Group

Check out these fun interactive books from New Leaf Publishing Group!

Big Book of History
This book is the perfect way to engage your child in an adventurous trip through time- from the first Day of Creation to present day! Designed to share the most details in a colorful collection of important facts and interesting photos, it can be an effective educational resource or enjoyed just for fun!

Charlie & Trike
This book is a one-of-a-kind adventure through the Grand Canyon! Charlie, a spirited monkey, and Trike his triceratops buddy, set off for a hike through the canyon. Throughout their adventure many things are revealed, including reasons why the Bible can be trusted and ways the worldwide Flood shaped our world. The characters and those reading the book will understand the truth of God’s Word in a way that will change their lives forever.


Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs
Explore the links between dragon myths and the reality of dinosaurs through vivid illustrations, interactive pages, and fascinating insights! Re-visit history as you trace the tracks of these creatures throughout cultures in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and more, learning the facts, and revealing the fallacies of dragons. Whether battling saints or terrorizing medieval castles, these creatures provide a fascinating link to man’s earliest history.

Passport to the World
Here is an out-of-the-ordinary geographic journey of 26 language groups from Armenian to Zulu!  Discover various cultures and customs, fill up your passport with stickers from the countries you visit, and learn that children from around the world are often a lot like you! Passport to the World helps you learn facts about countries, their capital cities, maps, flags, populations, and religions.  This is a fun and fact-filled adventure you can share with others through  interactive games included in the back of this book and in your very own passport.

These titles all provide fun opportunities to read and learn with your children! They will stay engaged and want to know more as you move page by page. These titles are all brought to you by Master Books. An imprint of New Leaf Publishing Group, Master Books is the world’s largest publisher of creation based material for all ages.

New Interactive Homeschool Resource by Master Books

Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs is a juvenile nonfiction title enjoyable for all ages! It takes you back to the days of these amazing creatures and their presence in various cultures including Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Read of thrilling historical battles between dragons, and saints, and their ability to terrorize medieval castles. Mystical fantasies are brought to life, as the truth is revealed.

-Evidence of creation
-Biblical commentary about dragons
-Accounts of famous dragon slayers
-Names of cultural dragons
-Eyewitness accounts of dragons
-Explanation of the dragon’s direct connection to the last living dinosaurs

This title is casebound and beautifully presented using original illustrations, envelopes, fold-outs, gatefolds, and more! 24 pages and 11 spreads of substantial quality, unique content, and all at a great price! Printed beneath the Master Books imprint of New Leaf Publishing Group, Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs is a compilation of NLPG’s Editor-in-Chief, Laura Welch and Bodie Hodge of Answers in Genesis.

Mysteries of Creation Twitter Party

Master Books has a terrific new line up of books that teach the mystery of Creation. These books put the WOW into active learning while teaching the truths of our Holy Bible.

Join us Tuesday, February 22nd, for a Twitter Party. Meet other Christian homeschool moms and  learn all about the new books. Oh – and be prepared to win a book too. There will also be prizes from our featured vendor –

Thanks to our dear friend Meghan Tucker of the Tuckers Take Tennessee for hosting this party. She and will be attending the Memphis Homeschool Convention. This party will give the convention attendees a glimpse of the books they will find at the show.

Here’s your sneak peak to the books we will chat about at the party and that you could win.

We recommend using to participate in the party. Use #masterbooks as the hashtag and follow @masterbooks4u and @meghantucker to win books.