Already Compromised On Grounded Radio- Listen!

On June 30, Ken Ham, CEO and Founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, was a guest on Grounded Radio. Grounded Radio is hosted by Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim and is part of the FamilyTalk network.

Ken discussed the results of a 2010 research study conducted by America’s Research Group. This study is documented in Ken’s new book, Already Compromised, and takes a look at Christian colleges and the state of their faith- the results are SHOCKING!

Tune in here to listen to Ken’s interview and learn ways to recognize potential problems, ask the appropriate questions, and feel confident knowing you’ve chosen the right college for you or your student.

Visit to learn more about the colleges and universities polled in this book!

The Family Illustrated Bible

An inspiring, insightful, and exquisitely rendered retelling of the Bible for the whole family!

See the people, culture, and events of the Bible come to vibrant life through images and detailed Biblical accounts. Examine a comprehensive map of the lands of the Bible, clear timelines, and other fascinating information found within the pages of Scripture, along with a thorough index. The Family Illustrated Bible is a treasure, beautifully inspiring generations to come.

The Family Illustrated Bible is:
-Filled with vivid, full-color photos and illustrations
-Easy-to-read text that describes Biblical history clearly for all ages
-A great resource for exciting facts about the people of the Old and New Testaments.

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Moms & Master Books #TeachtheTruth

Twitter was teaming with the #teachthetruth hashtag Thursday night, 5/19.

Moms of Master Books reviewers blogged about the 3 Marvels of Creation Books: Magnificent Mammals, Sensational Sea Creatures, and Breathtaking Birds. Party goers learned amazing truths about these beautiful creations and how much fun the books are for kids.

Congratulations to those who won books from the Marvels of Creation series!!


The  Grand Prize (all 3 books) goes to Kristina Ingersoll-Thorne who joined the party via the facebook poll.

Join the Moms of Master Books reviewers for the next #TeachtheTruth Twitter Party – Tuesday, June 21st at 8pm Central.  Charlie & Trike will be our featured guests. Save the date, grab this badge and invite your friends to join the party.

Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure