Christian Fiction Series- The Dinah Harris Mysteries, Now Available in 1 Box Set!

New Leaf Publishing Group is proud to offer all 3 of the Dinah Harris mysteries (from author Julie Cave) in 1 box set! You can now purchase, at an affordable price, the entire series so you will not have to guess what happens next!

The box set includes:

Deadly Disclosures:

A mysterious murder, someone pulling powerful strings, and all the leads keep dying. What’s the sinister motive, and does Dinah have anything left to lose?

The Shadowed Mind:

Does your life have value? Dinah struggles to answer the question for herself, but a serial killer stalking the streets answers it his own way with each and every victim.


Pieces of Light:
Churches are the target, but believers are dying with each bombing. Dinah is closing in on the bomber. Will he take her and his own shattered family with him
to the grave?

“I’m 16 years old and LOVE to read! A fellow bookworm allowed me to borrow “Deadly Disclosures” and “The Shadowed Mind”. You did a great job! I am always on the lookout for good Christian authors who write suspense novels. I love how you brought evolution and eugenics to the forefront and let us see what they really are. I appreciate all the time and research it took to truly inform us! Thank you soooo much! May God truly bless you for all you do! I’m praying your ministry!”– Olivia

Purchase yours today from New Leaf Publishing Group and Master Books (an imprint of NLPG).

Christian Fiction Author Julie Cave-What Inspires Her

Julie Cave credits her parents for introducing her to books at a young age, which fostered an enduring passion for reading and writing. As a child, her favorite authors were Enid Blyton and C.S. Lewis and it wasn’t long before she began copying them, and writing short stories for anyone who would read them.

At fifteen, two things happened which would shape her future: she heard a creation science speaker at her church which cemented her faith in God; and she finished her second novel-length story and realized she had fallen in love with writing novels.

After school, she completed a health science degree, got married, and worked in banking and finance. All the while she wondered how she could combine her love of writing and her strong passion for Christian apologetics and evangelism. One weekend at a church camp, a friend asked, ‘What if the guy in charge of the Smithsonian Institution went missing?’

The result – and the answer to that question – is Julie’s maiden published novel, Deadly Disclosures. Julie has one daughter and lives in Brisbane, Australia with her family. She divides her time between being a wife, a mother, and an author.

Julie is the author of the Dinah Harris mystery series:
Deadly Disclosures
The Shadowed Mind
Pieces of Light (new release- May 2011)

Connect with Julie:

Christian Fiction Trilogy- Pieces of Light

The final book in the Christian fiction trilogy, brought to by Australian author Julie Cave, will release later next month. It’s titled, Pieces of Light. The first two titles Deadly Disclosures and The Shadowed Mind created major suspence for the reader as this final title introduces you to the villian early on, you will read page by page from his/her perspective.

In this third book the city of Washington D.C. is gripped in terror as religious icons and buildings are targeted at an alarming rate by an elusive and deadly seriel bomber. As Dinah Harris, the FBI agent from all three titles, confronts doubt and troubling questions of faith, she will struggle to triumph in a story that highlights the redemptive grace of Christ to change even the most broken or evil life.

Hear Julie Cave talk about her fiction trilogy and evangelism through Christian fiction writing, click here.

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