History Book of the Universe Reveals Adam & Eve Were Real People!

There is growing confusion, even within the church, about the truth behind Adam and Eve’s literal being. This confusion and lack of trust in the precise meaning of God’s Word has unlocked a dangerous door to biblical compromise. The door gets pushed open wider and wider with each generation.

The True Account of Adam & Eve was written to instruct readers that the first two people ever to walk the Earth were very real and they’re our ancestors from many generations past. This new title sheds light on their history from beginning to end and how their decision to disobey God still impacts our lives today. With important biblical answers included, The True Account of Adam & Eve:

- Explores the questions of Adam and Eve as real people in the Garden of Eden
- Explains the connection between original sin and the Gospel
- Emphasizes the importance of Adam and Eve as literal history to young and old alike.

Written by Ken Ham, founder and president of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, and beautifully illustrated by Bill Looney, this book is as visually appealing as it is informative. A 38” fold-out panorama view of the Earth before and after the Fall, shows how perfect beauty and tranquility was ruined completely by man’s sin.

The history of Adam and Eve and the results of their disobedience, is history that continues to impact the world throughout the Bible. From their disobedience to Jesus, His death on the Cross, and defeating death for us, plus the promise of eternity with God- it speaks again to the relevance of the Bible in our faith and daily lives. That’s why it is so good to always have the Bible as our starting point and source for answers to any questions we or others may have.

Master Books is the world’s largest publisher of creation-inspired education. Award-winning curriculum and supplemental resources are available for every age. Every title honors God as the Creator and the Bible as inerrant. Master Books is the exclusive for Ken Ham.

Eclectic Homeschooling with Master Books

Master Books: Where Creation Inspires Education

Master Books, one of New Leaf Publishing Group’s three imprints, is the largest creation-based publisher in the world. Our growing library of Christian education curriculum and libraries helps homeschool moms like Tracy teach biblical Truth. Below is a guest post by homeschooling mom,Tracy Zdelar.


I have just begun my third year of homeschooling my boys, Brendan age eight and Jack age six. Being a Mom of Master Book’s Reviewer gives me the opportunity to not only review the books that Master Books puts out and share those reviews with my readers, but they are great for my eclectic style of homeschooling.


“Eclectic homeschooling” to me simply means I get to use whatever I want, including parts and pieces of other curriculum sets that other parent’s would rather use as a whole. This method allows for much flexibility and allows for much creativity and planning on my part. Some parent’s don’t like that, but I do.


I want to tell you how I’m using The Big Book of History‘s 15 ft. fold-out timeline and the God Created the Dinosaurs of the World (No. 5 of Series A) collector book with stickers. I received The Big Book of History to review and I bought the Dinosaur coloring/sticker book from the Creation Museum’s gift shop when we visited back in December.

 Big Book of History & Creation days collage by Tracy Zdelar

This year I’m putting more emphasis on using a timeline for our history education. The Big Book of History (see it stretched out in my review with video here) is our starting point as it begins with creation. I’ve had my 8 year old read/study over the first two sections or folds of the timeline himself and I teach from it myself.  Like I said above, I use an eclectic approach to my homeschooling so we will use a variety of “history” teaching resources as necessary.


The boys have enjoyed coloring the dinosaur pages from the coloring/sticker book I bought at the Creation Museum gift shop and I use that to emphasis that God made “land animals” on the sixth day. We’ve also made our own pictures of what happened on the days of creation to hang on the wall. Do you find it hard to remember what God made on what day? It helps me to remember that the first four days God was getting the world ready for living creatures’ survival: animals and man.


In addition to working our way through The Big Book of History I plan to read to the boys from Great for God (missionary stories) and use The Complete Aquarium Adventure for science. Maybe I’ll come back and talk about my experience using those other books in a future post. If you’re interested in more “eclectic homeschooling” you can visit my How We Homeschool Series for a peek inside our life.


Tracy Zdelar loves the word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ (who is THE Word Jn 1:1). She blogs about Him, homeschooling and Ohio family fun at her blog Hall of Fame Moms. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. Though she enjoys giving away event tickets and products to her followers, nothing beats blogging about the gospel and the preserved word of God that is free of error and can be trusted- just like it says in Psalm 12:6-7 (KJV) “The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.”

Big Book of History is a Retailers Choice Awards 2012 Winner!

On Tuesday, July 17 the winners in the 12th annual Retailers Choice Awards were announced during the International Christian Retail Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Big Book of History was named Retailers Choice for best Christian education resource. Winners were selected from among the 300-plus products nominated in 41 categories.

Jennifer White, director of marketing and Katie Gumm, publicist were on site to accept the award. They were excited to bring the award back to the office today and share it with the team.

Big Book co-author Bodie Hodge of Answers in Genesis happened to be visiting Master Books office today since he is speaking at a conference nearby. Here is a photo of Bodie with the award-winning Big Book of History.Laura Welch, co-author and editor-in-chief at Master Books, along with Diana Bogardus, art director for Master Books who designed the Big Book in it’s entirety, both agree this project was a labor of love. Completed totally in-house at Master Books, this special project was dreamed up and completed within the company’s walls. Master Books could not be more proud to receive this award and proud of everyone who was involved in it’s conception and completion.

The Big Book of History is a 15-foot timeline that begins at creation and ends at modern-day. It is specific for young learners and can be displayed on a wall in the panels only version, or used as a book study in the casebound version. There are four color-coded streams that  include historical facts from Biblical/Christianity, World Events, Civilizations/Empires, and Inventions/Technology. Watch the short video trailer by clicking here.

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The Big Book of History is a 15-foot timeline for kids that teaches the history of creation through present day! With 4 timestreams that note Biblical history, world history, civilizations/empires, and inventions/technology…young people are able to see the big picture and connect the dots for themselves. Designed to share the most details in a colorful collection of important facts and interesting photos, it can be an effective educational resource or enjoyed just for fun!

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