We Have This Moment, Today

I remember so clearly one warm sunny day in May. I had seven children at the time, one just two weeks old. The kids were outside playing under the sprinkler, laughing, making up games. God spoke so clearly to my heart that day, saying, “Cherish this day. Bask in this moment.” I did, and I still do now. Today, three of those little boys are married, two have children of their own, and one of the boys is in heaven, which makes that memory even more precious to me. A dear friend of ours, Doug Oldham, sang a song that I have treasured through the years. It goes like this:


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Winner of the 2014 Master Books Scholarship Essay Contest!

leigh_annMaster Books® Provides $3000 for One Lucky Student

Master Books®, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group, announces the winner of the 2014 $3000 college scholarship.  Junior and senior high school students submitted essays regarding this topic:

Evaluate Elijah’s Struggle as it pertains to God’s purpose in his life. Elaborate on the internal conflicts he faced as he made the decision to move from a place of fear into the complete purpose God designed for him.  Are you seeking God’s plan for your life? In what ways are you actively searching out the destiny He has in store for you?

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In 2 Timothy 3:5 Paul talks about having a form of godliness, but denying its power. Every Spirit-filled Christian would understand the difference between religion and relationship with God.  One is dynamic and the other an imitation.

In other arenas, there are other forms that can rob us of the real.  One such form that is causing a stir in the home school arena is format writing.  It is easy to teach and easy to grade.  It seems like a dream come true for our often reluctant writers.  But is it?

format_writing_1Format writing is a writing strategy that purports to teach students how to write without the burden of a classical content, of a literary audience, or of a sagacious educational theory.  This is in conflict with a more orthodox writing program that teaches writing in the context of purpose and audience.

Format writing is not based on any sound educational theory—affective or cognitive—for a very good reason:  because there is no good educational theory that supports format writing!

What is format writing? The following are indicators of format writing:

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Happy Independence Day


When I was a kid, the 4th of July was about fireworks. The really great stuff such as cherry bombs and M-80’s were already illegal where I lived but you could still easily and legally acquire Roman candles, bottle rockets and my wonderful old standby, Black Cat firecrackers. Black Cats could sting fingers for a slow thrower, but oh, the joys of expressing one’s creativity with these lovely little explosives.

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July Digital Deals


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This month we’ve got another stellar selection we hope you’ll be inspired and blessed by!

The talented daughter of two Holocaust survivors, Lily Isaacs is a woman who has felt pain and loss, and found the incomparable joy of a life with Jesus Christ. As a new Christian believer, she became estranged from her Jewish parents because of her faith, yet she never walked alone, Continue Reading →