November Facebook Party – MMB are Playing with the Animals!


44 Animals of the Bible Cover 7x7God once told Job that animals are important to Him, and that they are a big part of His creation.

He watches when the doe gives birth to her fawn.
He makes the leopard swift to hunt its prey.
He commands eagles to soar.

God cares for the animals and He wants us to do the same. They represent the beauty and uniqueness of this world He has designed.  From the exotic ibex to the more commonly-known tortoise, these and the other wonderful creatures of this book will delight children and parents as they explore various representations in Scripture!

Each beautifully illustrated page highlights one special animal from the Bible providing detailed information about what it was, how it looked, important cultural information to help you understand it’s importance at that time and so much more! With 44 Animals of the Bible you and your children will have a rare opportunity to make connections between the historic world of the Bible and our world today!

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Take a free Trip with Noah Justice!



Rocky Mountain National Park.275x371

Our second prize tonight is a free copy of the Rocky Mountain National Park episode from Noah Justice and the rest of the team at Awesome Science.  This DVD includes spectacular mountains, streams, pine forests, diverse wildlife, and lush vegetation. Go on an expedition with Noah Justice to the Rocky Mountains to explore how they were formed and eroded by the catastrophic tectonics of the Flood. Continue Reading →

Answers Book for Kids Vol. 6- 22 Questions from Kids on Babel & the Ice Age

Kids may know the biblical account of the Tower of Babel, but there is more to this important event than just the confusion of languages. And they may have heard of the Ice Age, but it seemed confusing.

answers-book-for-kids-6In the comments section, tell us about questions your kids have asked about the Tower of Babel and the Ice Age. By commenting, you’re automatically entered to win a FREE copy of this book! Winner will be selected at random tonight at 8:50pm CT!

Answers Book for Kids Vol. 5- 20 Questions from Kids on Space & Astronomy

When kids look up at the stars in the night sky, they will always have questions! Take this amazing opportunity to share some of God’s answers and help strengthen their faith.

answers-book-for-kids-5In the comments section of this blog post, tell us about a space or astronomy question for your child has asked. By commenting, you’re entered to win a FREE copy of this book! Winner will be selected at random tonight at 8:50pm CT.

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The Beauty of Animals



John C. Whitcomb graciously contributed to this section of the new book, Galapagos Islands

Page 39 bottom right

The amazing group of animals in the Galápagos Islands share these miraculous experiences with all air-breathing, land-dwelling animals in the world:

  • They were created by the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of creation week
  • They were “subjected to futility” (Romans 8:20) when Adam and Eve sinned
  • They were preserved in the ark for over a year during the global Flood

These animals entered the ark, and 371 days later came out of the ark. Then began God’s providential work of animal migration around this entire planet! All the animals fulfilled God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply on the earth” (Genesis 8:17). Some of the animals eventually went as far as the newly formed Galápagos Islands off the coast of South America.

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