Why Kids Quit Church – Join the Discussion

Join the Moms of Master Books for a very important discussion – Why kids quit church and what you can do to stop it.

already gone book coverThese moms have been reviewing Already Gone by Ken Ham. The next generation is already calling it quits on traditional church. Answers in Genesis commissioned a study that revealed 2/3rds of the young people who are sitting among us in churches have already left in their hearts. Already Gone reveals the results of the study.

We sincerely hope you will join us for this discussion. It’s a wake-up call to address the “Sunday school syndrome” and how our approaches  to Christian education are failing.  In Already Gone, Ham shows how to fight back for our families, our churches, and our world. We can make a difference today that will affect the statistics of tomorrow in a positive and Christ-focused way.

Participants in the discussion will have the chance to win one of the following resources:

5 Soft Cover Copies of Already Gone

5 Digital Copies of Already Gone

Answers Book for Kids Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 – Digital

There’s also a Pre-Party Prize:

IndoctriNation – Public Schools & the Decline of Christianity (Brand New). It  will be given to someone who tweeted the party announcement using #TeachtheTruth. The award will be randomly given and winner announced at 7:30pm on 9/27.

 and the Grand Prize includes:

Already Gone Soft Cover

Answers Book for Kids Volumes 1 -4, Hardcover

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World, Softcover

IndoctriNation – Public Schools & the Decline of Christianity (Brand New), Softcover

 Join the #TeachtheTruth Twitter Party to discuss the reality of this critical issue.

Thursday, September 27th at 8pm Central

Use the #TeachtheTruth hashtag

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Not on Twitter? Join the Book & a Bite Facebook party on October 2 for a similar discussion and prizes.

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Teaching the Truth with D is for Dinosaur

Join the Moms of Master Books on Thursday, August 23rd for another fun #TeachtheTruth Twitter Party. These moms are busy reviewing the newly revised and expanded D is for Dinosaur by Ken and Mally Ham.

The text shares God’s Word in an “easy-to-learn” style.

The entertaining ABC rhymes and humorous illustrations are truly engaging for young children.

And inside a parent or teacher finds all that’s needed to share the basic truths of the Gospel from A to Z.

At the #Teach the Truth twitter party, the Moms of Master Books will tell you how their children enjoyed this new learning tool. During the party, you will have at least 10 opportunities to win a copy for your family. Additional prizes include A is for Adam, another similar resource in the series. The Grand Prize will be a BIG help to parents raising young children.

Make plans now to get the kids to bed early so you can join us:

Thursday, August 23rd at 8pm central

Use the #TeachtheTruth hashtag to follow the conversation and answer the questions.

Follow @Masterbooks4u and @Mamahall

Oh – one more thing……… Invite your friends!!!

Educational Adventures to the Zoo & Aquarium with Really Cool Books!

What do you and your family love about the zoo? Or is it the Aquarium you prefer? Both are great adventures since they are both educational and entertaining.

The Moms of Master Books want to introduce you to two of Master Books’ helpers for your trip to either one. Complete Zoo Adventure and Complete Aquarium Adventure.

Master Books Educational Zoo BookThe Complete Zoo Adventure sets the stage for learning with “Before the Zoo” preparations, gives you the tools you need for an awesome “At the Zoo” experience, and then continues to deepen the understanding of God’s Creation with fabulous “After the Zoo” activities.

Interactive learning book before, during and after the trip to the AquariumThe Complete Aquarium Adventure  is designed for on-the-go learning. It has a convenient activity kit that can be removed to take with you to the aquarium,your local lake or the beach. Inside you will find devotionals and other materials to help in preparing to your visit.   When you’ve returned home, there are other activities like BingOcean to for learning reinforcement.

Learn more about these resources at the upcoming #TeachtheTruth Twitter Party. The Moms of Master Books will have reviewed the books for you. We will have awesome prizes for you to win including a Kid and Parent Grand Prize that you don’t want to miss!

Join us!

June 21st at 8pm Central using the #TeachtheTruth hashtag. Follow @masterbooks4u and @mamahall to follow the conversation. And YES – please bring your friends!


Great for God: a Mom of Master Books Featured Title

The Moms of Master Books are inspired by true stories of the courageous faith.

That’s why they chose to help us introduce Great for God – Missionaries Who Changed the World by David Shibley.  The book highlights 23 missionaries who boldly lived for God and not themselves.

Join us for the next #TeachtheTruth Twitter Party. Our focus will be on missions and we will talk about family missions and leading children to serve God in this way.  The Moms of Master Books will share their own experiences and hope to learn from your experiences too. You could be parenting one of the next generation’s great hope for eternal life in Christ.

Thursday, May 17th at 8pm central

Prizes include: Copies of Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World
*** you can win these by responding to the discussion which will be 30 minutes + (retweets do not qualify)

Grand Prize: Great for God & a $25 Off Coupon from Master Books (masterbooks.net)

Want to know MORE about the book? here’s a great start:

With bold faith, obedience to God, and love for others, missionaries attempt great things for God. Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World shares the biographies of twenty three missionaries. Each chapter highlights the amazing truths of God’s power at work through the lives of those willing to live for the applause of heaven. Learn from the legacy of:

  • David Livingstone
  • Lottie Moon
  • Jim Elliot
  • Eric Liddell
  • Bill Bright and 18 others

Their great accomplishments for God challenge believers to continue to “attempt great things for God. Expect great things from God,” as William Carey once stated. Author and Global Advance founder David Shibley offers Great for God to inspire every Christian, small group, and family devotion time. Teachers will find it a powerful supplement to world history and religious studies.

Hear from David Shibley on why he wrote Great for God:

How to Use Great for God

Hope, Devotions, & Parties

In our Christian walk, hope regardless of our circumstances is often required. There are days and their tragedies that require us to search for the hope we are promised in Jesus Christ.

Christian Inspiration Life Changing Devotional Book by New Leaf PressToday is Your Best Day, a devotion written by Roy Lessin, helps each of us to remember why we have hope despite cancer, financial stress, tornado damage, and many other issues that can arise.  Lessin, Dayspring co-founder and senior writer, give us sixty short devotions to remind us that because of Jesus and God’s promises, we can have great days …. regardless of what our eyes can see.

The Moms of Master Books are reviewing Today is Your Best Day and invite you to join them for a Twitter Party where you can win copies of the book.  Here are the details:

#TeachtheTruth Twitter Party
Thursday, March 22
8pm Central
use #teachthetruth hashtag
follow @masterbooks4u and @mamahall to participate

Need a little hope today? click on over to nlpg.com/yourbestday to read the introduction and first few devotions.