Discipline is What it Takes to be a Disciple.

with host's Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim

Pastor Shannon O’Dell believes this, lives this, and preaches this. He will appear, yes appear (you can watch the video cast online), on Grounded Radio TOMORROW Thursday, Sept. 1 at 12:00 pm ET! Click here to watch. Grounded Radio is hosted by Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim. It is part of the FamilyTalk network of programs.

He will be sharing this concept along with many other insightful and practical ways to approach life from a God honoring perspective. Pastor Shannon’s mission is to reach the last, the lost, and the least. For them to know the true meaning of accepting God’s unwavering love and to love Him with their whole heart in return.  To accept everlasting life that is available to us all.

Pastor Shannon O'Dell

Pastor Shannon desires to see healthy churches, families, and marriages. All are woven so tightly. No matter your circumstance you and your church can be a relevant force for transforming lives! Allow him to offer practical tips and strategies that will nurture growth in these areas.

Patsor Shannon O’Dell is the senior pastor at Brand New Church and author of Transforming Church in Rural America.

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Already Compromised On Grounded Radio- Listen!

On June 30, Ken Ham, CEO and Founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, was a guest on Grounded Radio. Grounded Radio is hosted by Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim and is part of the FamilyTalk network.

Ken discussed the results of a 2010 research study conducted by America’s Research Group. This study is documented in Ken’s new book, Already Compromised, and takes a look at Christian colleges and the state of their faith- the results are SHOCKING!

Tune in here to listen to Ken’s interview and learn ways to recognize potential problems, ask the appropriate questions, and feel confident knowing you’ve chosen the right college for you or your student.

Visit creationcolleges.org to learn more about the colleges and universities polled in this book!

Ken Ham on Grounded Thursday @ 11:00 a.m. CST!

Thursday, June 30 LIVE at 11:00 a.m. CST author Ken Ham will be a guest on Grounded radio with hosts Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim. Ken will discuss his newest title, Already Compromised, and the state of Christian higher education. To tune in, visit www.groundedradio.com.

America’s Research Group polled 200 Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries on critical faith issues, such as the infallibility of Scripture. When asked the question, “do you believe in the infallibility of scripture?” only 17.3% of the college, university, and seminary presidents answered “yes”.  There are many other results revealed within this title…and they will SHOCK you! You don’t want to miss this informative interview!

Grounded is a radio show committed to making a difference in culture through commentary and interactions with thought leaders, activists, theologians, apologists, musicians, authors, and artists.

These guests share in our deep desire to see the lost saved and the believers fortified in their beliefs, motivated to take action on behalf of God’s kingdom as they pursue a deep righteousness that comes from walking closely with Jesus Christ.

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