The Genius of Ancient Man

What if man did not evolve slowly out of slime, completely ignorant and brutish, but rather was created in God’s image with a likeness of His intellect?

What if Satan is real and actively perverting God’s plan? What if man really did gather at Babel, build a tower, form a religion, and instigate a worldwide government? And what if God really did
confuse man’s languages, forcing the people to scatter across the earth, taking their religion and practices with them? In other words, what if the Bible really is true?

The Genius of Ancient Man: Evolutions Nightmare reveals evidences and commonalities explored from ancient man around the globe. This real data, including archaeological findings, all point to an intelligent ancient man, not the evolutionary “monkey to caveman” paradigm.

Don Landis, president of Jackson Hole Bible College, worked alongside students and faculty of the college to present this evidence. To gather the evidence necessary, they traveled to various sites around North and Central America. Their travels included historical site visits, museum exploration, and face-to-face meetings with experts. Over the course of two years the team pieced together the facts, turning this convoluted mystery into factual history that once again proves the Bible’s validity.

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